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MoxyOne is Offering Debit Cards and Payment Infrastructure for Every Company or ICO that Issues Cryptocurrencies

Growing interest in cryptocurrencies has seen a massive influx of new ICOs that are changing the world as we know it. These valuable projects are however, being let down by the lack of a financial infrastructure. Their company issued cryptocurrencies are not easily spendable by their token holders and are often left waiting for a […]

Bitpay Plans to Use Bitcoin Cash for Payment Invoices and Debit Loads

On December 15 the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, Bitpay, announced it will now process payments for multiple blockchains. The first decentralized currency Bitpay has opted to utilize will be bitcoin cash. Also read: Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin as Government Crackdown on Mining Intensifies Bitpay Will Now Process Bitcoin Cash for Merchant Invoices and […]

BitPay Begins Enforcing Bitcoin Payment Protocol Compatibility Requirement for its Debit Card

Not too long ago, it became clear BitPay was going to enforce some big changes. More specifically, the company announced the introduction of the Bitcoin Payment Protocol. The main reason for this change is to further create seamless and secure payment experiences. According to their latest blog post, a big first step has been taken […]

Debit Card giveaway

Cointed is partnering payment solutions company to provide a crypto debit card that aims to make payments in crypto part of everyday life. Those who contribute to the the Cointed ICO during December have the chance to win a crypto debit card. Why a crypto debit card? Clients will link their wallets to the card, […]

Monaco Cryptocurrency Debit Card Gets Visa’s Approval in Singapore

Any company issuing a cryptocurrency debit card will face an uphill battle these days. More specifically, there have been new restrictions imposed by both Visa and Mastercard when it comes to issuing such cards outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). In a surprising turn of events, Monaco – which recently held a cryptocurrency ICO […]

Bitcoin Debit Cards: CryptoPay vs Wirex vs Bitwala

Bitcoin debit cards are one of the most convenient ways to spend cryptocurrency for both online and offline purchases. Quite a few companies offer bitcoin debit card services, although there are always vast differences between the service provided. We have taken a look at how CryptoPay, Bitwala, and Wirex compare to one another. 3. CryptoPay […]

BitPay vs Xapo vs CoinsBank

Bitcoin debit cards are one of the most convenient solutions to spend cryptocurrency on all types of purchases. Until bitcoin becomes a mainstream payment method accepted by all merchants, using a cryptocurrency-laden debit card seems to be the next big thing. Quite a few different bitcoin debit cards are available to consumers, though not every […]

Top 6 Countries Where You Can Live on Bitcoin

Contrary to popular belief, it’s certainly possible to live and survive on Bitcoin alone. Do keep in mind that just because it’s possible, does not mean one should expect a comfortable life by any means. Living off the grid on cryptocurrency always requires a tradeoff where comfort is concerned. Using the digital currency directly remains a challenge wherever […]