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Darknet Criminals Will Drop Bitcoin in Favor of Litecoin and Dash, Study Says

Bitcoin has been associated with criminal activity for as long as people can remember. That is quite worrisome for many reasons. Even though Bitcoin lacks privacy and anonymity, criminals still flock to this payment option because of its global appeal. According to a new study, however, that situation may come to change very soon. In […]

Deep Web Roundup: Dream Adds Monero and Bitcoin Tumbler “Chip Mixer” Launches

The darknet has been quiet of late, which is the way it’s meant to be. No news means no mega busts, honeypots, or mass market shutdowns. Even when it’s out of the spotlight though, the deep web is quietly making news, whether trialling the latest privacy coins or the newest coin mixers that promise to […]

US Sheriffs Welcome $1.7 Million Windfall After Students Plead Guilty to Stealing 5,400 BTC

Two Jacksonville students are facing up to two decades behind bars after pleading guilty to stealing $4 million worth of bitcoin. The pair hacked darknet site Sheep Marketplace in 2013 and made off with 5,400 BTC. Under forfeiture laws, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office will share in a $1.7 million windfall. Also read: US Marshals Plan to […]

5 Exciting Monero Developments to Look Forward to in 2018

A lot of top cryptocurrencies will roll out some major features in the coming weeks and months. In the case of Monero, a lot of exciting developments are on the horizon for 2018. Although there is no official timeline for some of these developments, certain features and integrations have been in development for several months. […]

Danish Woman Arrested After Allegedly Paying for a Fake Darknet Hitman With Bitcoin

A woman has appeared in court after trying to pay a darknet assassin in bitcoin to kill her partner. Her attempt failed, not due to high transaction fees or a mempool backlog, but because the hitman was fake. Now, the 58-year-old is facing a possible life sentence for attempted murder. Also read: Deep Web Roundup: […]

Deep Web Roundup: Aero Sinks and the Ghost of Trade Route Rises

Welcome to the second edition of Deep Web Roundup in which we collate the most intriguing stories from the darker side of the net. Despite not attracting as many headlines as it did in its 2013 heyday, the deep web is still a hub of paranoia, P2P trading, and pioneering privacy features. Anyone interested in […]

White House ”Monitoring the Situation” While Study Shows Illicit Bitcoin Use Has Dropped

To aging heads of state and conservative bankers, bitcoin is a tool for criminality. To those in the know, nothing could be further from the truth; most bitcoin transactions are for legitimate purposes. Proving this has always been difficult, but a new study adds weight to this argument. Its key finding? Bitcoin hit peak criminality […]

Users of TradeRoute Darknet Marketplace Receive Threats via Physical Mail

Most people using the darknet do everything in their power to keep their identities hidden from other users. That seems to be a lot more difficult to do these days. Users still need to provide shipping addresses for items they buy from darknet marketplaces. Someone has been targeting TradeRoute users via physical mail to alert them that their […]

Darknet Markets Are Back – But With the Blockchain Bloated Who’s Buying?

Darknet markets, prized for their range of wares not commonly found on the clearnet, are back online. For the past three weeks, the most popular DNMs, including Dream and Aero, have been offline due to sustained DDoS attacks. Now, following a lengthy hiatus, the majority of markets are back online. There’s just one problem: with […]

AG Sessions Hints at Possible Bitcoin Regulation Due to Popularity of Darknet

US regulators have been keeping a close eye on Bitcoin and the darknet over the past few years. More specifically, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently voiced some major concerns regarding both topics. Additionally, he’s concerned over the use of “encrypted networks”, which seemingly hints at an impending crackdown on services such as Telegram.  US Attorney General has […]

How Crypto Price is Controlled by Dark Markets

You hear stories like that all the time — someone bought, mined, or get payed in Bitcoins in 2011, dumped old computer, and then — bam! — the coins are worth 4 000 $ each in 2017. There is no use crying over spilled crypto milk — very few saw that coming. But what caused such massive cash influx into Bitcoin? Why it […]