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Coinshares Group Plans to Launch New Crypto-Investment Funds

This week the firm Coinshares Group has announced two new investment vehicles tethered to cryptocurrencies. Coinshares was the first organization to launch publicly traded bitcoin and ethereum-based exchange-traded-notes (ETN), and the firm’s new funds will offer retail investors more “familiar channels” to invest in the growing digital asset economy. Also Read:Chinese Investors Continue to Obtain […]

After the Boss Calls Bitcoin a ‘Fraud’ — JP Morgan Buys the Dip

Just recently reported on JP Morgan executive Jamie Dimon calling bitcoin a “fraud” and claiming he would fire any employee from his firm who traded the digital currency for being “stupid.” Now it seems JP Morgan has been caught red-handed purchasing a bunch of XBT shares, otherwise known as exchange-traded-notes, that track the price […]

XBT Provider Fined by Nasdaq

The issuer of bitcoin exchange traded notes was found to be in several violations of Nasdaq’s listing rules and subsequently fined, the exchange announced on Thursday. However, XBT Provider argues that most of the violations occurred prior to its acquisition by Global Advisors. Also read: Bitcoin ETN Crosses $100 Million After Unprecedented Demand From Investors, Partners […]

Popular Demand Spurs Goldman Sachs to Start Covering Bitcoin

After numerous client requests, Goldman Sachs has reportedly started covering bitcoin. The firm released a report on Monday with a bearish outlook for the digital currency. Also read: Hedge Funds Are Quietly Investing in Bitcoin ‘Due to Popular Demand’ recently reported on hedge funds quietly investing in bitcoin. An article by Zero Hedge on Monday confirms […]

CME Group Seeks to Track the Bitcoin Price

The world’s largest futures exchange CME Group has launched two indexes for tracking bitcoin’s price, setting the digital currency on a course of well-deserved (and mainstream) publicity. Chief investment officer at Global Advisors Daniel Masters explained: “There is tremendous, pent-up demand in the U.S. for bitcoin exposure that doesn’t require an investor to select one […]