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New York State Approves a Bid to Provide Cheaper Electricity to Crypto Miners

Despite worries about cryptocurrency mining — from the impact that it can have on the environment to the potential impact it can have on the rates for other local electricity consumers — the state of New York has approved a bid to provide cheaper electricity to miners. State of Crypto Mining in New York Yesterday,… […]

On Self-Reliance, Cryptocurrency, and Tiny Houses

One of my favorite pastimes is thinking about how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can change the world. I’m also very interested in the world of minimalism and sustainable lifestyles. In fact, I tend to think about building a micro-home/tiny house in the future. Though I’m not the first to connect the two, I realize that cryptocurrency […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Takes off in Japan

Japan has positioned itself as one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency hubs. That in itself is a very important development, especially since China has made itself irrelevant. It now seems cryptocurrency exchanges are not the only major trend in Japan, as mining Bitcoin and altcoins has also become a lot more appealing. Bitcoin Mining in […]

Bitmain Expands Circle of Influence With $50 Million Investment

The world’s largest producer of ASIC mining machines, Bitmain, is expected to invest $50 million into the upcoming IPO of Opera Ltd. Bitmain’s Expanding Circle of Influence Norway-based Opera Ltd., one of the top internet browsers, has just filed for a Nasdaq initial public offering (IPO) last week, in an attempt to raise up to… […]

Crypto Mining Hardware Industry Falters as Profits Dwindle

Cryptocurrency mining profits are on the way down, resulting in declining demand for hardware, such as high-end graphics cards. Sources suggest that GPUs could drop by as much as 20% within the upcoming month.  Mining Hardware Manufacturers Experience Declining Demand DigiTimes, a premier Asia-based technology news source, has suggested that there has been a large… […]

Bitmain Raises $400 Million Prior to its $12 Billion ICO, Growing Dominance

Bitmain’s ASIC dominance has continued, with Bitmain-based mining pools collectively accounting for nearly 50% of all Bitcoin mining power. Bitmain Dominates Bitcoin ASIC Industry Two prominent Bitcoin mining pools, and Antpool, contain 27% and 15.3% of Bitcoin’s hashrate respectively. Bitmain surprisingly owns and manages both pools, allowing the mining superpower to oversee over 42%… […]

Kosovo Is Quickly Turning Into a Major Cryptocurrency Mining Hub

Various European nations are showing increasing interest in cryptocurrency. This is especially apparent where altcoin mining is concerned. It is a pretty interesting trend, especially when considering that Kosovo is getting involved. It’s a positive turn of events for this plagued European country, although it remains to be seen how things will evolve. Kosovo and […]

Montana County Postpones Bitcoin Mining Suspension

Missoula county of the US state Montana has postponed ruling on a decision as to whether Bitcoin mining initiatives should be shut down, as well as the banning of any new projects. The final decision will now be made in August. A lack of information has been cited as the prominent reason behind this deferment, as reported […]

Electric Bicycle Allows Users to Earn Cryptocurrency by Riding

An electric bicycle distributor has come up with a novel way of celebrating their 15th year in business. 50 Cycles have decided to launch an electric bike that actually mines cryptocurrency for its rider. Think Crypto Mining Can’t be Environmentally Friendly? Think Again… The range of bikes will be called Toba. They’re expected to be… […]

Russian Government Website Was Affected by a Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Script

There have been a lot of incidents involving cryptocurrency mining. This has become especially apparent where malicious mining scripts on various websites are concerned. It seems one official website in Russia has fallen victim to a malicious mining attack which ran for ten full days. Another Cryptocurrency Mining Incident It is neither the first nor […]

Argo Blockchain to Be First Crypto Company Listed on the London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world, has approved the listing of subscription-based mining firm Argo Blockchain, which will be the first crypto-related company listed. Argo Blockchain’s Listing Argo Blockchain said in a statement on Monday that it hopes to raise £20 million ($26.8 million) through an initial product… […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Sits at $7,600

At press time, nothing has changed regarding the bitcoin price. The father of cryptocurrencies is sitting at $6,700 – a price it has held for roughly 24 hours, and recovery doesn’t appear imminent anytime soon. The mega-drop that hit the asset during yesterday’s morning hours stem from two likely sources. The first is the hack […]