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Are Centralized Exchanges Breaking the Crypto Promise?

Exchange hacks are becoming the new normal. Just two weeks after Conrail’s $37.2 million hack, it was time for Bithumb’s $31 million hack, with the difference being that Bithumb is the world’s sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange based on CoinMarketCap data, far larger than Coinrail. Last December, another South Korean exchange called Youbit filed for bankruptcy after suffering […]

National Regulations Main Factor When Choosing Crypto Exchange Says Morgan Stanley

A Team of Morgan Stanley researchers, led by analyst Sheena Shah, after conducting a study of cryptocurrency exchange distribution, have concluded that local crypto businesses regulations are one of the main factors that exchanges take into account when selecting where to register. In terms of popularity Malta, with its well defined regulatory framework, has become […]

Binance is Now More Profitable than European Financial Heavyweight, Deutsche Bank

Digital currency exchange Binance has outgunned Deutsche Bank in terms of profitability; the bank is one of Europe’s largest and oldest financial institutions, revealing the extent of the cryptocurrency revolution. Within the first quarter of 2018, the eight-month-old cryptocurrency exchange reported profits of $200 million which accrued over the January and March period; Deutsche Bank […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: This Canadian Exchange Is Leading the Way on Regulation

There’s nothing that sends shock waves through the crypto markets like the prospect of regulation. And there’s also nothing so hard to establish on a global scale. After all, how can you regulate something when you can’t agree on what category it falls into, and when laws vary across jurisdictions and cultures? One Canadian exchange, Coinsquare, is taking […]

Hacking in Crypto: Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest threats of our time, with about 7% of the world’s economic output at risk of being stolen. Blockchain technology is one solution, which is why so many new blockchain startups have appeared on the scene to tackle the issue of cybersecurity, but is that enough? Which ones are actually effective? Looking at […]

Bithumb and Korea Pay Services Partner to Promote Retail Use of Crypto

Bithumb has announced a new partnership with Korea Pay Services in a move meant to promote the use of cryptocurrencies for payments in retail outlets. The partnership will give Bithumb users the ability to use cryptocurrencies to make payments at offline stores. OVER 6,000 STORES TO BENEFIT Korea Pay Services is a mobile payment processor that processes […]

Here Are the Crypto Exchanges With the Lowest Fees

Considering you’ve got to pay a network fee every time you want to transfer cryptocurrency, you’d be justified in wanting to avoid excessive exchange fees. It’s bad enough that the dollar value of Bitcoin transaction fees can be upwards of double digits, so there’s no need to get gouged on withdrawal and trading rates by your favorite […]

Japan Forms Task Force to Regulate Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Japan is quite an interesting country when it comes to cryptocurrency. Its retail industry has taken a liking to Bitcoin over the past few months. Most of this momentum stems from the fact that the Japanese government legalized Bitcoin in April of this year. To make things more intriguing, the country’s Financial Services Agency will now work on […]

FibreCoin Leaves Blocknet, Joins SuperNET

FibreCoin, which has been a member of the Blocknet community since October 2014, developers of anon-centric OS, and anti-key-logger password interface, has left the 2.0 platform to join the SuperNET.