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ExHasta – Integrating and Empowering Innovators

Imagine a group of exceptional individuals with vast experience in using cutting-edge technology to solve unique problems for leading companies. Now, picture this group using their experience and skills to develop Moonshots: high-risk, high-impact projects to shape the future. Imagine all the intellectual property generated for those projects (hardware specs and patents, software and code, […]

Monero Research Lab Unveils Subaddresses for Additional Transaction Privacy

The Monero developers and the community continue to make major strides. According to a new whitepaper issued by the Monero Research Lab, subaddresses will be coming to this ecosystem pretty soon. It is an interesting venture, to say the least, as it will allow for the extension of wallet addresses. There are some clear benefits […]

Cash Poker Pro – Decentralized Ethereum-Based v2 Casino and Poker Platform

Cash Poker Pro, the Ethereum-based blockchain  poker platform, is attempting to solve some of the major underlying issues of existing casinos and online poker applications. Over the past decade, through the rising popularity of mobile poker applications and online casinos, an increasing number of users have started to play professional poker online, relying on intermediaries […]

Having Switched From Mining Gold to Cryptocurrency, Hive Notes 633% Growth

In Canada, the mining industry has seen some significant growth as of late. Especially when it comes to gold mining, there is still a lot of money to be made. Even so, some companies are pivoting their business models from mining gold to mining Bitcoin and altcoins. Vancouver-based Hive Blockchain Technologies, Inc is worth keeping […]

Dentacoin Foundation Announced Strategic Partnership with CruisAIDer, Germany

Whilst US policymakers dabble in bureaucracy, the European-based Dentacoin Foundation takes action for affordable dental care by aligning interests of industry, doctors and patients. As of Monday, 9th October 2017, Dentacoin is accepted as means of payment from CruisAIDer, a European company, specialized on digitalization of dental clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “CruisAIDer will […]

PBoC Will Develop RMBCoin Rather Than Legalize Public Cryptocurrencies

There are many consequences of China’s recent cryptocurrency regulatory measures. One positive impact is the fact that China is no longer a factor in regards to Bitcoin’s price, which set a new all-time high this week. At the same time, the country’s central bank plans to go ahead with RMBCoin, which will be China’s own central bank digital currency. This […]

Blockchain in Construction: BitRent Opens New Horizons for Investors

Blockchain platform BitRent announced a revolutionary solution in the area of new-built property: commercial and residential property shared investing at an early stage of construction and total control over construction process in real time by means of modules and structures chipping. The company operates on blockchain technology and smart-contracts protocol. BitRent platform’s mission is to […]

Once Again, The Pirate Bay Mines Cryptocurrency Without Opt-out Feature

The Pirate Bay recently made headlines due to its in-browser cryptocurrency mining venture. Although this test only ran for one full day, it was a pretty interesting development which set off a shockwave of copycat ventures by other sites. It turns out the platform is mining cryptocurrency once again, but users can no longer opt out at this […]

The Positive Impact of Recent Regulatory Measures on the Global Cryptocurrency Markets

No one can deny the latest batch of cryptocurrency-related regulations has caused some interesting shifts in the world of cryptocurrency. Some things have certainly improved in this regard, as the majority of trading volume has finally moved away from China. In fact, one could argue we have seen a better Bitcoin ecosystem created because of […]