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Markets Rattled as Bitcoin Falls Below $6,100

Today marks a landmark decision in the MtGox debacle, where as the Japanese court approves rehabilitation of the Bitcoin exchange from bankruptcy. Despite the positive news, markets are tumbling, as many top altcoins are experiencing double digit percent losses aside Bitcoin’s decline. The ruling by the court today marks Bitcoin exchange MtGox as the first […]

Cboe Says ICO Market Will Come After Investors, and It’s Not Looking Good

Chris Concannon, the president of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), the world’s biggest derivatives market behind CME Group, has warned investors in tokens and initial coin offering (ICO) projects of an upcoming two-part regulatory reckoning. ICO Investors Could be in Trouble In an exclusive interview with Frank Chaparro from Business Insider, Concannon said that […]

Law Firm Hired by Bitfinex Confirms Tether Reserves

There are numerous theories regarding the roller coaster market movements of cryptocurrency over the past year. A popular one revolves around the use of Tether (USDT) to inflate the price of Bitcoin during the bull market, and deflate it on the way down. However, a June 20 report suggests the controversial stablecoin may be more […]

Sixth-Largest Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked, $30 Million Lost

The world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, was hacked and approximately $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. The exchange broke the news of the hack via Twitter, where it also informed its users that it was changing its wallet system due to safety concerns. This isn’t the first time that Bithumb, which is the second-largest […]

Only a Third of the Richest Informed on Bitcoin

Despite seeing their investment return above 20% in 2017 for two consecutive years, the richest people in the world say they are not fully satisfied with their asset managers and want to learn more about crypto. Also read: At Least $20 Billion in Crypto Investment Awaits Custody Streamlining, Approval Only a Third of the Richest Were […]

Ethereum & Cardano Founder: Cryptocurrency Will Become a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Charles Hoskinson calls out the mainstream media’s constant predictions on the death of the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme – scam bubble on Twitter predicting an influx of trillions of dollars from institutional markets once the next round of regulation is settled. Hoskinson Calls Doom and Gloom Media Reports There hasn’t been a day gone by since Bitcoin entered… […]

World’s Biggest VC Firms are Creating Cryptocurrency Funds, Market Enthusiastic

Historically venture capitalists do not own cryptocurrencies. They hold equity and invest in privately and publicly held companies but, with the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology companies to create unprecedented returns VC firms are exploring ways to restructure legally and financially to tap into that future revenue stream. VC Firms Creating New Strategies for… […]

Hydro-Quebec Increases Electricity Prices by 300% for Bitcoin Miners

Even though Canada has become a very important country for cryptocurrency mining, it seems things are changing behind the scenes. The Quebec provincial regulator has decided to allow utility providers to hike electricity prices for Bitcoin miners. As such, the rates will be increased by up to 300%, which might make the mining process unprofitable. […]

Japan’s FSA Will Take Action Against bitFlyer and Other Registered Exchanges

It has become apparent that the Japanese Financial Services Agency is closely monitoring all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Any wrongdoings will be pointed out quickly and the issues will need to be addressed accordingly. Various registered operations will face administrative sanctions later this week. The Japanese FSA Takes Harsh Action Ever since Japan decided to legalize […]

UK Regulators Question Exchanges as Bithumb News Spreads

The recent $30 Million hack of Bithumb has caused U.K. regulators to question the security of cryptocurrency exchanges, with exchanges operating in the U.K. coming under fire. 2018: The Year of Exchange Hacks? As the cryptocurrency market swells, the amount of exchange hacks has grown, in a direct correlation with the growth of active exchanges…. […]

The Number of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia Doubled in the Past Six Months

Australia is quickly becoming an integral part of the cryptocurrency world. Thanks to solid regulatory developments and a growing Bitcoin ATM network, bringing cryptocurrency to the masses has become a lot more straightforward. It is quite interesting to see how things have been accelerating over the past six months in this regard. Bitcoin ATMs Across […]