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Here’s How Bitcoin is the Least Volatile Crypto Asset

Bitcoin is less volatile than its cryptocurrency cousins, according to research that looked at five crypto assets from 2013. Bitcoin Trumps the Rest In February, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) compared the volatility of Bitcoin to traditional fiat currencies. It found that the average daily price change of Bitcoin with the U.S. dollar exchange… […]

Loopring Set to Launch iOS App for Decentralized In-Wallet Trading

Loopring will release an iOS version of their Loopr wallet on July 7, enabling users to trade using the Loopring Protocol. iPhone users will be able to make decentralized trades of ERC20 tokens within the Ethereum-based app. Move to Decentralized Exchanges Centralized exchanges have been the target for DDoS attacks and cyber thefts in recent… […]

Take a French Leave from Taxes, or How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe from the Taxman

When cryptocurrencies go through their periodic pumps, cryptocurrency investors are placed in a position of having to stop thinking so much about how to make more profit and start worrying more about how to protect their gains from the avaricious reach of the taxman. Depending on the laws in specific localities, and on the amount of […]

What Is XPA Cryptocurrency?

XPA is one of the newer blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems with a clear mission. More specifically, the project focuses on bringing blockchain asset management to a whole new level, which is something a fair few projects are trying to achieve. Succeeding in this regard will not be easy, but XPA is certainly worth keeping an […]

Cryptocurrency Linked Assets Are the Future of Investing

The cryptocurrency industry has received the recognition of being one of the fastest growing industry segments, with unparalleled opportunities. However, the crypto-industry has been struggling to reach its full potential due to various long-standing challenges which are hampering progress. Despite its ambiguous relationship with the traditional financial sphere as its competitor and potential partner, an […]