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UK Police Top up Budget With Proceeds From Sale of Seized BTC

A UK police department has sold 295 BTC which they say were legally seized from a drug dealer. The court ordered him to forfeit his crypto stored in a hardware wallet. The police reportedly get to keep 18.8% of the sale proceeds. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space British Police Seized BTC […]

Surrey Police, First in the UK to Confiscate and Sell BTC

UK Surrey Police is reported to have completed its own Bitcoin transaction earlier this year after trading the proceeds of confiscated 296 BTCs, according to Forbes. The sale, reportedly the first by a local police force in the UK, took place after Latvian Seregjs Teresko was arrested and deported for money laundering. Teresko has been […]

Wendy McElroy: Other Than the Black Market, a Last Stand for Economic Freedom

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 9, Part 5 Crypto: Other Than The Black Market, A Last Stand For Economic Freedom? Money…is the economic area most encrusted and entangled with centuries of government meddling. Many people, many economists, usually devoted to the free market stop short at […]

Indian Ponzi Mastermind Offers to Pay Back Investments, but Not at Current Value

Amit Bhardwaj, the Indian Gain Bitcoin entrepreneur accused of being behind what has become one of the biggest Bitcoin scams in history, has reportedly offered to return initial investments in the scheme to investors. He is also the founder of Amaze Mining and Research Limited and one of the pioneers of Bitcoin in the Indian […]

Cryptojacking Figures Heading Down, Say Cybersecurity Researchers

Cryptojacking incidents are on the decline after possibly hitting their peak, according to a recent report by cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes. The research shows that a sharp decline has been noted, due in part, says the company, to the current slump in the value of cryptocurrencies making the activity far less attractive. The report shows that […]

Bulgaria to Monitor Crypto Market with Focus on Regulatory Steps

Bulgaria has announced that it is to begin monitoring cryptocurrency and ICO activities in the country through its government watchdog, according to Cryptovest. The focus of Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) will be securing a safeguard against illegal activity such as money laundering and fraud connected with cryptocurrency. As reported in Bitcoin News over the […]

League of Legends PH Client Facilitated Cryptojacking Due to Modified Code

Popular online games have always been a prone target for criminals and hackers. Although these incidents are usually aimed at collecting users’ in-game items or payment information, a new trend has begun to emerge. Various sources claim the League of Legends PH client was briefly infected by cryptocurrency mining malware last week. Cryptojacking Is a Very […]

The Day A Hacker Created 184.4 Billion Bitcoins

Bitcoin has an excellent track record, with nearly 100% uptime and impregnable cryptographic security. However, during the early days of Bitcoin there were many bugs to work out, and on 15 August 2010, a hacker caused the value overflow incident at block 74,638, which resulted in the creation of 184.4 billion bitcoins. Bitcoin’s lead developer […]

What Is the Trump Task Force?

Cryptocurrency and crime have been closely entwined for far too long. Bringing this connection to an end will be very challenging, for rather obvious reasons. The so-called Trump Task Force aims to address some of those concerns moving forward. Investigating cryptocurrency-related crimes will not be easy, but it is a welcome change regardless. The Trump […]