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Bulgaria Could Slash its National Debt Thanks to Seized BTC

Whilst early investors are rejoicing about the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin, the increase is delighting elsewhere too. As part of a national anti-corruption operation in Bulgaria back in May, the government there seized 213,519 BTC from organised criminals. Today, these coins are worth $3.6 billion, or to put it another way, around […]

Danish Woman Arrested After Allegedly Paying for a Fake Darknet Hitman With Bitcoin

A woman has appeared in court after trying to pay a darknet assassin in bitcoin to kill her partner. Her attempt failed, not due to high transaction fees or a mempool backlog, but because the hitman was fake. Now, the 58-year-old is facing a possible life sentence for attempted murder. Also read: Deep Web Roundup: […]

Not Disclosing One’s Bitcoin May Become a Crime in the US

Governments all over the world have no love lost for people with an interest in Bitcoin. That’s not entirely surprising, considering Bitcoin cannot be controlled or regulated directly. That doesn’t keep governments from trying to impose their will, though. A new US Senate bill aims to criminalize the concealed ownership of Bitcoin. It’s a very disturbing […]