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Japanese Police Arrest Coinhive Users for Violating Law Banning Computer Viruses

Japanese police from 10 prefectures have arrested website operators using Coinhive to tap into the computer power of their site visitors to mine cryptocurrencies without consent. They are accused of violating the law banning the use of computer viruses. Some people have already been fined. The police have been monitoring the Coinhive program since it […]

Japan Cracks Down on Illegal Use of Computers to Mine Crypto

The police in Japan are cracking down on the illegal use of personal computers for cryptocurrency mining. Multiple prefectural police departments are currently investigating one particular case and pursuing criminal charges, which would make it the first criminal case in Japan where computers are illegally used for mining cryptocurrencies. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into […]

Police Officers in Ukraine Caught Secretly Mining Crypto at Work for Four Months

Employees of a regional police department in Ukraine were recently caught mining cryptocurrencies using the department’s resources, according to the court document. They had been mining for four months before they got caught and their mining farm seized. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Police Mining Farm Discovered Employees of the National […]

Young New Zealand Man Spared Jail for Dealing Drugs With Bitcoin

This week, Elias Valentin Smith, a 20-year-old man from New Zealand, successfully appealed his prison sentence for drug dealing with bitcoin as a teenager. This was despite the fact that the court system considered the use of bitcoin as a sign of criminal sophistication. Also Read: Bitcoin Is Not Used by Organized Crime Says Hong […]

US Court Rules Alibaba Powerless to Stop Cryptocurrency Using Its Name

A U.S. District Court has ruled against Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group in favor of a Dubai-based cryptocurrency foundation, Alibabacoin. The judge says Alibaba Group did not show any jurisdiction in the U.S. and China’s ban on initial coin offerings eliminates any potential confusion. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space No Jurisdiction for […]

Reserve Bank of India Faces Lawsuit Over Attempt to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading

When regulators attempt to clamp down on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency activity, the public will respond in one way or another. In India, it seems things are heading in a completely different direction compared to what one would expect. With the central bank recently attempting to ban Bitcoin activity, the institution now faces legal ramifications for […]

Indian High Court Set to Debate Whether Cryptocurrency Crackdown is Constitutional

India’s recent problems with cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that trade them has caused investors a lot of stress, both locally and globally. Fortunately for crypto-enthusiasts, dealings have now reached the country’s high courts. Challenging Royal Bank of India’s Crackdown Yesterday, April 22nd, the Delhi high court issued a notice to the Reserve Bank of India… […]