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Ontario Bitcoin Adoption at 5%, Residents Still Need to Learn More

The Ontario Securities Commission has released figures showing that the Canadian province has a low rate of cryptocurrency ownership. Canada, home of Ethereum, is a global blockchain innovator due to provincial research and development, low energy costs, high-speed internet and internal regulation. ConsenSys, an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance member for over ten years, now offers some […]

ConSensys’ Ajit Tripathi: ‘Rebellious Teenager’ Crypto Is Maturing

Ajit Tripathi of ConsenSys, formerly of Wall Street, compares crypto to a misbehaving — but learning — teenager and regulators to his parents in an interview with CT

Top 4 Reasons Ireland Is Attracting Cutting-Edge Tech Companies

Most people associate high tech with Silicon Valley, Tokyo, or New York. It isn’t often that our thoughts turn to Dublin as a magnet for bleeding-edge technology. Yet with nine out of ten of the top global software companies and the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter having their European headquarters here, the Emerald […]

Ireland Aims to Become Blockchain Hub with New Initiative

The Irish government is seeking to promote the research and development of blockchain technology in the country, the Irish Times reported on June 11. The initiative is being led by IDA Ireland, a state agency charged with attracting foreign direct investment to the country. Dubbed Blockchain Ireland, the initiative will foster cooperation in the blockchain […]

Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin: Blockchain and Crypto Can Transform Society

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin believes blockchain will have the same kind of impact in the future as the internet had in the late nineties, writes Business Insider. The co-founder of ConsenSys was speaking at the MoneyConf in Dublin where the blockchain company has opened its new office. Lubin made it clear that he was looking […]

Co-Founder of Ethereum: Blockchain Will be “More Disruptive” Than Dotcom Bubble

Joseph Lubin spoke at length earlier today about the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. The co-founder of the Ethereum network and blockchain software company ConsenSys was speaking at the MoneyConf in Dublin, the city his company has chosen to open a new office. Lubin: Blockchain Will Be “Orders of Magnitude More Disruptive” Than the Internet… […]

Philippine Blockchain Pilot to Connect Rural ‘Unbanked’

In a bid to spread financial inclusion to a largely unbanked population, the Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) is piloting real-time retail payments on the Ethereum blockchain with five rural banks in Mindanao, the second largest island in the country. Connecting the unbanked According to local news outlet Philippine News Agency (PNA), the payment […]

One of the Largest Banks in the Philippines is Implementing Ethereum With ConsenSys

UnionBank, one of the biggest banks in the Philippines, is working with US-based blockchain software technology company ConsenSys founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin to assist local financial institutions in integrating Ethereum and blockchain-based platforms. Remittance-Focused Industry The Philippines has a unique financial infrastructure, and the banks are aware that only the upper class and… […]

Amazon Launches Collaboration with Consensys: An Easy Blockchain Deployment Service for Enterprises

One of the world’s most innovative e-commerce companies,, is venturing further into the realm of blockchain after announcing a new startup partnership called Kaleido. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud computing subsidiary of the online retailer; for a subscription fee it provides individuals, companies, and governments with a cloud computing platform. The service […]