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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Zilliqa (ZIL) Spurts on New Exchange Listing

FOMO Moments Crypto land is stagnant, a few altcoins are afloat; Zilliqa, Ethereum Classic, Icon and Bytom. Markets have remained stable today, which could be considered a good thing because they haven’t plunged any further. There has been very little momentum in the way of a recovery indicating that further losses are likely. Total market… […]

CoinOne Margin Trading Scandal can Bring More Legitimacy to South Korean Crypto

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts know of the CoinOne trading platform. This Asian firm offers support for most cryptocurrencies, as well as some advanced features. Three of the company’s executives are on trial for using margin trading as a “gambling product”. It is expected there will be more trials in this regard over the coming months. The… […]

South Korean Police Treats Crypto Margin Trading as Illegal Gambling

The Cyber Criminal Investigation Unit of the Southern Provincial police department of South Korea has declared that a margin trading service offered on the Coinone exchange from November 2016 to December 2017 is equivalent to illegal gambling. Three Coinone executives and 20 high-volume margin traders will be arrested and prosecuted. Coinone is the third largest […]

Coinone Looks Beyond South Korea to Global Market in Indonesia

South Korea’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, has set up in Indonesia bucking the trend of exchanges either branching out or going under in the hard knocks market. Coinone Goes Global in Jakarta South Korea was one of the bellwethers of the cryptocurrency market last year with one in five bitcoin transactions being handled in KRW even though it… […]

Major Korean Exchange Launches in Indonesia with Six Cryptocurrencies

One of South Korea’s top three cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinone, is launching an exchange in Indonesia. Initially, six cryptocurrencies will be supported but the exchange plans to add more coins. Coinone is also launching an airdrop event for 10,000 pre-registrants. Also read: South Korea Takes Steps To Regulate Digital Currencies Coinone Launching in Indonesia Coinone announced on […]

Coinone Boss Sees Self Regulation as Key to Crypto Industry Expansion

Coinone CEO wants to use his company’s success to expand and secure cryptocurrency markets against ignorant regulation in South Korea. Coinone CEO Wants to Help Korean Regulators During the 2017 Bitcoin boom, South Korea made a name for its self as the little country with a big appetite for digital assets. The country of 50 million became… […]

South Korean Banks Drop Crypto Accounts as Government Plans a Ban

South Korean regulators have announced a plan to ban banks from activities involving cryptocurrencies, prompting major banks in the country to declare they will no longer issue accounts required for crypto trading. South Korea’s top bitcoin exchanges are all effected, including Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit. Banks that have made announcements include Shinhan Bank, Korea Development […]

Korea’s Coinone Launches Physical Cryptocurrency Exchange

Korea’s third largest bitcoin exchange Coinone has opened a physical cryptocurrency exchange. Six cryptocurrencies are supported including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether. The complex has a bitcoin ATM, a large display board with market information and features a face-to-face consultation service. Also read: South Korea Takes Steps To Regulate Digital Currencies Coinone Blocks Launched South Korean […]

Fork Watch: Korean Bitcoin Exchanges Divided on ‘Bitcoin Cash’

Bitcoin exchanges in South Korea have been preparing for the planned user-activated hard fork (UAHF) on August 1. Some have announced their support for Bitcoin Cash (BCC), the new cryptocurrency that is expected to result from the event, while others have not yet decided. Also read: South Korea Legalizes Bitcoin International Transfers, Challenging Traditional Banks The […]

South Korea Legalizes Bitcoin International Transfers, Challenging Traditional Banks

Starting next week, Bitcoin will be on the approved list of technologies that can move payments across the South Korean border. Fintech companies in the country will be able to obtain a permit allowing them to legally offer Bitcoin international transfer services. Also read: South Korea Sets Up Task Force to Determine if Bitcoin Needs Regulations […]

South Korea Sets Up Task Force to Determine if Bitcoin Needs Regulations

Following Rep. Park Yong-jin’s announcement of a proposed bill to provide a legal framework for digital currencies like bitcoin, South Korea has now set up a task force to determine if bitcoin should be regulated. Also read: Rollout of 260,000+ Bitcoin-Accepting Stores in Japan Begins Task Force Set Up recently reported on Rep. Park Yong-jin of […]

South Korean Officials Bash ICO:s and Plan to Approach Bitcoin ‘Cautiously’

On June 18, government officials from South Korea revealed some opinions concerning cryptocurrency ‘speculation’ taking place in the region. Also read: Korea Steadily Becoming a Cryptocurrency and Fintech Hub  Speculation and Unreasonable Profits South Korean financial regulators and government agencies have been watching and researching the use of digital currencies within the country. According to the […]