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Privacy-Focused Mainframe Donates 1,000 ETH to Press Foundation

Barely a day after announcing that it would be accepting cryptocurrencies as donations, Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) has received 1,000 ETH in its first-ever crypto donation. The donation was made by decentralized communications network Mainframe and is worth $530,000 at current market rates. Mainframe stated in a blog post that the decision to donate […]

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong “Enjoying” Low Bitcoin Prices

The CEO of prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, shared a series of posts on Twitter Tuesday promoting the positive benefits of extended periods of low Bitcoin prices. Armstrong focused on three cycles of Bitcoin prices from 2013, 2014, and 2017, commenting that the up and down momentum of Bitcoin is normal for the cryptocurrency. […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Ethereum Classic Leading the Recovery

FOMO Moments Current performing altcoins are Ethereum Classic, Tron, Nano, and Basic Attention Token. The aftermath of the Bithumb hack did not have a long lasting effect on markets fortunately and they are creeping up today. Total market cap is edging back towards $300 billion but taking its time. Bitcoin has recovered all losses and… […]

Coinbase CEO Tells New Employees ‘Don’t Panic’ Over Bitcoin Price

When Brian Armstrong founded Coinbase in 2012 Bitcoin was worth around $10 and existed in relative obscurity. Those who had heard about this digital money or even the word cryptocurrency probably did so through a news brief about the dark web. Those who were trading in it already were a very select few. Coinbase CEO Tweets… […]

Africans Turn to Bitcoin to Beat the System

Africans are increasingly going digital as the continent undergoes a period of sustained interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to Finance Magnates. There are many reasons why Africans are beginning to turn to cryptocurrencies rather than traditional currencies. Many nationals fall foul of inflation and hyperinflation, resulting in weak and unstable financial systems. Recently, […]

Investor: Selling Cryptocurrency in 2018 is Like Selling Apple in 2001

Yoni Assia, the CEO of UK-based multi-asset brokerage company eToro, a platform founded in 2006 that serves more than seven million active users, has said in an interview that the recent decline in the prices of both major and small cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and tokens has created a rare buying opportunity for newcomers. […]

Robinhood CEO Believes Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay

Robinhood is by no means an ‘elder’ in the cryptocurrency industry, only opening up its cryptocurrency division in early January. Despite this, Robinhood’s co-CEO, Baiju Bhatt, believes that the cryptocurrency market has a strong future ahead of itself. “Bitcoin Just Keeps on Coming Back” During an interview with Yahoo Finance, Bhatt expressed his positive sentiments… […]

Hedge Fund CEO: $60,000 For Bitcoin in 2018 is Still In Play, Optimistic

Phillip Nunn has stated that he still believes that Bitcoin will reach $60,000 this year. The CEO of The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group reaffirmed his January price prediction earlier today. Nunn Believes that Many Crypto Projects will Fail Nunn spoke to BusinessCloud at KPMG’s Tech Manchester event on Thursday. He stated that he still… […]

Coinbase Remains a Kingmaker for Cryptos

Coinbase recently announced that it would be adding support for Ethereum Classic (ETC), a hard fork of Ethereum. The announcement caught the crypto community by surprise, as the exchange had repeatedly made it clear that it would not be adding any digital assets in the near future. However, the reaction was swift from the crypto […]