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What SegWit Means for Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Lightning Network

SegWit Adoption SegWit adoption has been steadily rising since its release in August 2017, albeit not as quickly as some would like. The problem is that it has to happen piece by piece, with each wallet, exchange, or other service provider rolling out the compatible address itself. Because each organization has both its own type of process […]

SegWit Finally Embraced by Coinbase and Bitfinex, Bright Future Ahead

Today, Coinbase — cryptocurrency exchange, brokerage, wallet, and operator of GDAX — and Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex have announced the implementation of P2SH Segregated Witness (SegWit). As per the companies’ tweets, users will experience improved transaction processing times and lower fees across the Bitcoin network. Our engineering team has finished testing of SegWit for Bitcoin […]

Coinbase Users Hit with Multiple Payment Card Charges – Is Visa to Blame?

Being one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges is not something to take for granted. Coinbase has experienced first-hand how difficult it is to maintain this mantle. While the company tends to make a lot of media headlines, not all of them are positive. With users now complaining about being charged multiple fees for buying Bitcoin […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Glitch Overcharges Users, Investigation Ongoing

Coinbase has admitted that a glitch in its system has been overcharging customers for several days, even after investors posted complaints on content sharing platforms like Reddit about being charged multiple times for a single transaction. Overcharged Coinbase Customers Vent on Reddit San Francisco’s Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency wallet and brokerage which also oversees Global […]