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Kraken Donates $1 million to Coin Center, Backing Blockchain Research

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken donated $1 million to Coin Center and pledged they will match donations made up to $1 million. After slamming a fact-finding inquest into crypto-exchanges, this shows their support for research designed to help regulators. Kraken Backs Blockchain Think Tank Executive Director of Coin Center, Jerry Brito, made the surprise announcement at the… […]

A Positive Voice with Crypto Under Microscope at New SEC Hearing

The US Securities and Exchanges Commission‘s (SEC) Division of Corporation Finance met on 26 April in order to discuss the development of an approach towards addressing token sales and their classifications. The SEC has argued in the past that virtual tokens distributed through initial coin offerings (ICOs) should be deemed as securities. This would subject […]

What Does the EU’s GDPR Mean for Blockchain?

Generally we know that blockchain technology underpins cryptocurrencies, and there are many organizations using the technology for a myriad of other applications: executing contracts, modernizing land registries, even providing new systems for identity management. But there’s a small problem on the horizon. According to a post today from Washington, DC-based think tank Coin Center, blockchain technology may be fundamentally incompatible… […]

U.S. Govt. Crypto Subcommittee Hearing: “Poor or Rushed Policy in Cryptocurrencies Threatens Our Reputation in Finance and Technology”

Today, under Chairman Rep. Bill Huizenga of Michigan, the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, & Investment held a hearing (watch it here on Youtube) entitled “Examining the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets.” The primary focus of the hearing was to further facilitate dialogue between crypto-industry insiders and lawmakers. Hearing: Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, & Investment After an […]

U.S. Congressman Says ‘Digital Currencies Are Not Compliant’

On July 8 the Financial Services Committee for the U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing concerning digital currencies. The meeting discussed the implications of virtual currencies in regards to financial innovation and national security. During the event, the Republican Texas Congressman Roger Williams asked for increased digital currency regulation to fend off terrorist funding […]

Coin Center Gives Crash Course in Bitcoin and Blockchain to the Congress

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was unheard of at one time has grown to become something that can’t be ignored by anyone anymore. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, its decentralized nature and a certain degree of pseudonymity associated with it has become a cause of concern for government bodies. The United States Congress is […]

Mainstream Media Columnist Says SEC Should Reject Bitcoin ETF

A recent opinion piece coming from the publication the Hill has exclaimed that if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), it will lead mainstream investors to “slaughter.” Also Read: The New 110% Unlimited Mining Pool is Now Open to Everyone Hill Author Believes SEC Approving a Bitcoin ETF […]

North Dakota’s New Bitcoin Bill Fails For Now

Regulatory policies are forming across many states in the U.S. concerning digital currencies. This week in North Dakota a bitcoin-related bill was unsuccessful moving forward during the state’s House of Representatives vote for Bill 2100.    North Dakota’s Bitcoin Bill Last year North Dakota’s Business and Labor Committee created Bill 2100 in order to discover […]