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CNBC Holds “Funeral” For Bitcoin, Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin is Still Not Dead

CNBC is back again, with more cryptocurrency antics on the ‘Fast Money’ segment. However this time, Fast Money host, Melissa Lee, took jabs at the cryptocurrency market, holding a ‘funeral’ for Bitcoin.   Fast Money Holds “Funeral” For Bitcoin, As Bitcoin approached $6,000, the aforementioned Fast Money host questioned if she should still cover Bitcoin… […]

UK Regulators Question Exchanges as Bithumb News Spreads

The recent $30 Million hack of Bithumb has caused U.K. regulators to question the security of cryptocurrency exchanges, with exchanges operating in the U.K. coming under fire. 2018: The Year of Exchange Hacks? As the cryptocurrency market swells, the amount of exchange hacks has grown, in a direct correlation with the growth of active exchanges…. […]

Blockchain Will Become “Obsolete” Says George Friedman

George Friedman, a respected geopolitical forecaster, believes that blockchain technology will become ‘obsolete’ over time.  Can Blockchain Encryption Be Broken Through Quantum Computing? George Friedman’s negative attitude shown towards blockchain technology has proven to be rather unpopular. Most critics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have yet to turn their skepticism to blockchain technology, as these… […]

Institutional Investors Move to Bitcoin ‘Inevitable,’ Says Wall Street’s ‘Crypto King’

‘Wall Street’s Crypto King’ Bart Smith is expecting institutional investors to move into the cryptocurrency market once regulations are clarified. Institutions Need Regulatory Certainty Smith runs the investment firm Susquehanna International Group which started investing in Bitcoin in 2014 and expanded in 2017 during the crypto boom. He said that the company trades on average… […]

Wall St “Crypto King” Bullish on New Market Jump Start, Needs Clarity

Bart Smith, the head of digital assets at Susquehanna International Group, once crowned “Wall Streets Crypto King” claims that institutional investors will re-stimulate the cryptocurrency market once more regulatory clarity is provided, according to CCN. Smith, who launched a crypto desk which buys and sells millions of dollars in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, asserts that […]

Wall Street Analyst Says $25,000 Bitcoin Prediction in 2018 is Still in Play

The cryptocurrency market has slowed over the past few days, with Bitcoin holding price levels within the mid $7,000s. However, Robert Sluymer and Tom Lee, both from market analysis firm, Fundstrat, believe that this will change very shortly. Tom Lee Reaffirms His $25,000 Prediction Again, This Time On Bloomberg Tom Lee is by-far one of… […]

Bitcoin Bull Tom Lee Refutes Bearish Sentiment, Predicts Further Gains

Tom Lee is back, with another round of Bitcoin bullishness on-air CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ segment. PermaBull Tom Lee Appears on CNBC Fast Money On Monday, Tom Lee, long known as a cryptocurrency bull in the space, went on CNBC to dispel bearish sentiment against Bitcoin’s viability and more importantly, its price.  ‘Fast Money’ host, Melissa Lee,… […]

FundStrat Analyst: Bitcoin at the Bottom, Recovery Very Soon

Fundstrat’s co-founder, Tom Lee, has long been known as a Bitcoin Bull in the cryptocurrency community. Robert Sluymer, Managing Director and Technical Strategist at Fundstrat seems to be joining the company’s growing group of cryptocurrency bulls. Promising Signs for Bitcoin? On CNBC’s “Futures Now” segment, Sluymer stated: “We think Bitcoin is starting to bottom off… […]

Nasdaq Considers Crypto Exchange with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar Top Picks

Nasdaq recently commented that it might consider a cryptocurrency exchange in the future and now it appears that it’s putting its weight behind three major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Stellar (XLM) according to FX Empire. An article published on the Nasdaq website suggests that these three coins may be able to withstand future […]

CNBC Shows Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Love, Predicts Mooning

CNBC’s Fast Money hosts and panel were on the defensive during a recent broadcast, as some viewers accused the network of shilling for bitcoin cash (BCH). And, truth be told, CNBC has been showing the decentralized cryptocurrency an inordinate amount of love lately. A segment by a popular analyst, where he forecasts even bigger things […]

Federal Reserve Pres: People Want Dollar, Not Volatile Crypto

St. Louis Federal Reserve President, James Bullard, was recently interviewed at this year’s Consensus conference in New York City. That a top US economic policy maker was in attendance is victory enough; however, he was asked his opinions on cryptocurrency going forward by CNBC Global Markets Reporter Seema Mody. He explained he found the phenomenon […]