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Why This Early Uber Investo Bought Bitcoin at $1 in 2009

Jeffrey Wernick, an independent investor, explains why he started to invest in the early stages of the cryptocurrency market. Jeffery Wernick – The Anti-Centralization Investment Figure   Jeffrey Wernick is a sixty-two year old investment guru that fell in love with economics and investing at a young age, gaining interest in the industry during high school. His first… […]

Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain’s CEO Is Considering an IPO

Jihan Wu runs Bitmain Technologies Ltd., the world’s largest producer of custom cryptocurrency mining chips. Financially speaking not much is known about the Chinese company, though Wu has hinted at the possibility of holding an initial public offering (IPO), which would force Bitmain to reveal more. What an IPO Would Mean for Bitmain Given the uncertainty… […]

Wendy McElroy: Crypto and the Impossibility of Knowledge in Planning

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 3: Decentralization Chapter 8, Part 4 Crypto and the Impossibility of Knowledge in Planning Bitcoin…is better understood using the conceptual lens of the Catallaxy: participants in Bitcoin spontaneously form a decentralized monetary and financial ecosystem, collectively choosing Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and store of […]

Study Shows Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Far Too Centralized Right Now

Whenever new research surfaces regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, interesting things are bound to happen. The latest publication of such research on Hacking Distributed points out some interesting aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum. None of it is actually surprising, but it does show that some things will need to change very soon. That’s especially true in regards to […]

One Zcash Mining Pool Controls Over 51% of the Network Hashrate

Cryptocurrency’s mining aspect can be both a blessing and a curse. More specifically, we all know Bitcoin has a centralization problem when it comes to mining. Unfortunately, it seems Zcash has a similar problem right now, with one pool controlling over 50% of the network hashrate. It is unclear why miners aren’t switching over, as there are plenty […]

Is There Such Thing as a Master Private Key for the Dash Ecosystem?

There has always been a certain degree of curiosity surrounding the Dash project. Many users often like to refer to the currency’s instamine, which has been addressed by the Dash team several times. A new discussion revolves around how Dash creator Evan Duffield allegedly holds a “master private key” which can invalidate some network features […]

Diane Reynolds: `Lightning Network Will Maintain Decentralization´

Diane Reynolds just penned an article in defense of the Lightning Network (LN) as an off-chain, decentralized payment solution. This article appeared in response to the piece written by Jonald Fyookball and a Reddit post by jstolfi. Both pieces claimed Lightning Network cannot remain decentralized over the long term for mathematical reasons.  Also read: Delaware Passes Bill Recognizing Stock […]

Samson Mow on Bitcoin Debate, What Is It All About?

Samson Mow, the ex-COO of China’s leading Bitcoin exchange platform, BTCC has attempted to make sense of the on-going Bitcoin debate. In his recent Tweet, he mentions that the community members are currently arguing about whether the digital currency should remain decentralized or allowance should be made for increased centralization. The Bitcoin community, especially the […]