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Morocco’s Bitcoin Ban Would Result in Financial Censorship

Governments all over the world are being forced to pay attention to cryptocurrency all of a sudden. With officials scrambling to draft regulatory guidelines, we may see some interesting developments in the coming months. Over in Morocco, things are not looking all that great, as the country’s government may soon move to ban cryptocurrency. As is […]

Trump Administration Wages war on Scientific Research and Environmental Data

Governments around the world lean toward censoring the amount of information found on the internet. It now appears the US government has plans to remove scientific data from the World Wide Web, which is a troublesome development. The Trump administration is on an aggressive campaign to get rid of environmental data. Thankfully, at least one […]

What is Domain Fronting?

Some people may have come across the term “domain fronting” at one point during their online browsing sessions. This method is often used to bypass internet censorship, as every individual domain name acts as its own layer of communication. Unfortunately, it appears domain fronting is also becoming more popular among cyber criminals. Domain Fronting Is […]

Bitcoin Unlimited Node Bug Was Posted on /r/BTC And Censored By Moderators

Everyone who pays attention to bitcoin will have heard about the BU node bug by now. Several hundred Bitcoin Unlimited nodes were shut down due to a vulnerability in client’s code. Interestingly enough, someone had reported the bug on Reddit, yet that post was censored immediately by the moderators. A very strange development that ultimately […]

Using a VPN Will Soon Get You Arrested in China

Consumers living in China are restricted when they use the Internet. The Great Firewall of China does not allow users to visit just any website or online platform. Bypassing these artificial limitations can be easily done through a VPN service. However, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will crack down on VPN providers […]

Backpage Censored by Government, Forced to Shut Down Adult Section

Leading classified advertising website Backpage was forced to shut down its adult section last week, after it fell victim to a government inspection and crackdown. The US Senate committee, which released a full report on the matter, came to a consensus that the company was promoting and facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking. Senators Rob […]

Messaging App Signal Will Soon Prevent Governments From Blocking Platform Access

The Signal application, developed by Open Whisper Systems, wants to prevent censorship and allow for secure end-to-end encrypted communication all over the world.  This project has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm of late, but it looks like some countries are already blocking access to Signal. (Egypt is one of those countries confirmed to […]