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A BCH Fueled Version of Patreon is Coming This August

Just recently a team of programmers announced the creation of a ‘,’ a platform that aims to be similar to the popular membership application, Patreon. This particular platform, however, will be censorship resistant and powered by bitcoin cash (BCH) payments. In order to fund the protocol, two developers have raised 47 BCH so far out of […]

Meet Three More Applications That Utilize Bitcoin Cash OP_Codes

Over the past month or so since the most recent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, a lot of developers have created platforms and extensions that utilize the re-enabled Satoshi OP_Codes. There’s been a bunch of social media applications like Memo and Blockpress that allow users to submit data that’s tied to the BCH protocol in […]

The Online Porn Industry Continues to Adopt Bitcoin for Payments

There’s a lot of talk about drug purchases on darknet markets with bitcoin and the use of the censorship-resistant currency growing within the online gambling industry. However, there is another taboo industry that uses bitcoin more profoundly than we can imagine — The pornography business has been embracing bitcoin for quite some time and continues […]