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The coalition of Bountysource and CanYa Creates a New Open Field for Peer-to-Peer Software Bounties

December​ ​22,​ ​2017​ (SAN​ ​FRANCISCO​) ​- CanYa has recently announced the purchase of Bountysource, a global peer-to-peer (P2P) open source software bounty system. CanYa, as a blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organization, fits well with Bountysource’s business model and will build an international community where any number of digital services can be provided. At a time when ICOs are often underdeveloped […]

What Is CanYa?

The number of intriguing marketplace service providers continues to grow at a steady rate. Especially when said marketplaces focus on blockchain and decentralization, things are bound to get interesting sooner or later. A project in development known as CanYa will try to provide a compelling cryptocurrency-based autonomous marketplace for services. Whether or not it can compete with existing marketplace solutions remains to […]