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Experts Expect Bullrun Cryptocurrency Market to Hit $1 Trillion This Year

Some experts expect to see bitcoin hit $50,000 and the cryptocurrency market to hit and surpass a trillion dollars according to a report on CNBC. New products will boost trading The recent downturn in the market saw bitcoin lose about half of its value and the overall market decrease by over $500 billion at it’s lowest […]

Bitcoin Price Finding Stability After Frightening Free Fall

The price of Bitcoin seems to have found some stability after its free fall into the festive period. No doubt there’ll be some conversations over lunch today with smug relatives who “told you so” about that “dodgy internet money”. After such a severe a drop in price, Mums, Uncles, and Grandmas across the globe will be […]

Dan Morehead on Crypto: Dan Morehead on Crypto: “We’re in the First Innings of a Multi-Decade Thing”

Respected hedge fund strategist-turned cryptocurrency investor, Dan Morehead, has come out with some incredibly bullish sentiments about Bitcoin. He believes that in the long-term, today’s sub $20,000 price point for a single Bitcoin will seem like a bargain. He told CNBC: “For the big blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, we’re in the first innings […]

Bulls Getting Bullish: Novogratz and Lee Up Their Price Predictions

Notable cryptocurrency bulls Mike Novogratz and Thomas Lee have once again upped their price predictions for Bitcoin. On Tuesday, Novogratz, the main man at Galaxy Investment Partners and former head of Fortress Investment told Bloomberg that he envisions a $10,000 Bitcoin before the end of the year. This was followed today by Fundstrat’s Tomas Lee […]

Tim Draper: “This is the greatest technology since the internet’’

Tim Draper has never been shy about his bullishness for Bitcoin. Last month, he expressed in no uncertain terms his believe that BTC was better than fiat currency and back in 2014, he made a then outlandish price prediction for a $10,000 Bitcoin in the next three years.  At a tech conference last week, he […]

Volatility Hits Ethereum’s Price – One-Month Low Followed by Quick Increase

Volatility is often common for popular digital currencies, but Ethereum is taking things to another level. A couple of hours ago, the ether-dollar (ETH-USD) exchange price managed to fall to US$275, which represents its lowest trading level since the 23rd of September. However, the price quickly recovered and hit US$311 a few hours later. The last 24 […]

Investment Legend Bill Miller Still Bullish on Bitcoin

In a recent interview with CNBC, investment legend Bill Miller described bitcoin as “a true disruptor and true innovation in money”. Also Read: Global Bitcoin ATM Proliferation Nearly Doubled During May Miller Revealed That He and His Son Are Still Highly Bullish on Bitcoin Famed investor Bill Miller discussed his thoughts on bitcoin with CNBC […]

Financial Analyst Andy Hoffman Says We Should Be Thankful for Bitcoin

This week the financial analyst and precious metals proponent Andy Hoffman spoke with Greg Hunter from concerning his opinion about the decline of our global economy. During the interview, Hoffman talked about the rise of cryptocurrencies and why he thinks bitcoin might be a game changer for the world. Also read: Japan’s Bitpoint to […]

Bitfinex Price Spreads Bring Uncertainty to Bitcoin’s Price Rally

One week has passed since bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced issues with banking partners and halted fiat withdrawals for its customers. Since then the price of bitcoin has been rallying upwards reaching new highs across global exchanges. As the price surges, Bitfinex prices have been $100 higher than at other exchanges, making traders worrisome a bubble is […]