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Cryptocurrency Market Dropped $52 Billion in Blockchain Week, Factors and Trends

Blockchain Week New York City aka Consensus 2018 was highly anticipated within the cryptocurrency ecosystem with many analysts expecting the event to trigger a new bullish momentum for Bitcoin and altcoins. The market, however, managed to lose $52 billion during the week of the conference. Consensus 2018 Turned Out to be a Dud for Bitcoin… […]

Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin and Blockchain is the ‘Next Major IT Revolution’

The co-founder of the multinational technology company Apple has once again praised Bitcoin and its underlying technology blockchain. Steve Wozniak spoke about the financial innovation at a tech conference that was held this week. Wozniak Believes in Bitcoin and Blockchain Wozniak was speaking in Vienna at an event called WeAreDevelopers World Congress. There he stated… […]

Reddit Plans to Reinstate Cryptocurrency Payments

After Reddit removed Bitcoin Core (BTC) as a form of payment for premium membership services this past March, the company seems to be planning to reinstate the digital asset soon. On Thursday, May 3 in an interview with Cheddar, the company’s chief technology officer (CTO), Chris Slowe, revealed it will be adding BTC again and […]

Altcoins Slide as Price of Bitcoin Falls Below $9,000

As is always expected with major surges, cryptocurrency markets have seen a significant drawback following strong performances across the board since local BTC lows of under US$7,000 earlier in the month. Following impressive Bitcoin and altcoin gains earlier in the week, global market capitalization has fallen about 10% in the past day. While many speculators feared […]

Analysts Expect Bitcoin in Bullish Mode After ‘Tax Day’

‘Tax Day’ in the U.S. is today, April 17, and a number of analysts are bullish on Bitcoin as the much-anticipated tax deadline should trigger the next upward momentum. ‘Tax Day’ to Spark New Bullish Momentum For Bitcoin The cryptocurrency market has been hungover ever since Bitcoin entered the futures trading market in December 2017. The… […]

Pantera Capital Management Expects the Bitcoin Price to Reach its Previous Record Fairly Soon

Depending on how one wants to look at things, the Bitcoin price bottom may have finally been established. Pantera Capital Management is convinced that things will improve from here on out, although it’s too early to say for sure. Even so, we’ve seen a nice Bitcoin price bounce on the charts, which is something a lot […]

Bitcoin Rallies to $8,000 In An Epic Recovery

Bitcoin price movements during the last seven days have been buoyed by the $6,600 support while being limited below the $7,200 line, until today. Market forces have prompted the mother of all cryptocurrencies to rally towards $8,000 and test for resistance. Bitcoin Attempts Recovery Above $8,000 It could be today that the bulls in the market… […]

Cryptocurrency Guru Sees Bitcoin Going Up to $400,000

Ronnie Moas, founder of Standpoint Research and cryptocurrency guru, says the price of Bitcoin will surge towards $300,000 and $400,000 to become the most valuable currency in the world. Ronnie Moas Sees 75% Chance of Bitcoin Retesting $20,000 Standpoint Research, a self-described ‘one-man operation’ based in Miami, serves as Ronnie Moas’ investment advisory firm. He is a top-ranking stock picker from 2008 to 2017 […]

This Week in Bitcoin: A New Dawn

It’s too early to tell whether the crypto markets are out of the woods and inching back into the light. If a doctor was giving the prognosis, she would probably venture that we should remain “cautiously optimistic”. But if the top stories from this week in bitcoin are an indicator, there’s every reason to feel […]

Experts Expect Bullrun Cryptocurrency Market to Hit $1 Trillion This Year

Some experts expect to see bitcoin hit $50,000 and the cryptocurrency market to hit and surpass a trillion dollars according to a report on CNBC. New products will boost trading The recent downturn in the market saw bitcoin lose about half of its value and the overall market decrease by over $500 billion at it’s lowest […]