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Man-In-The-Browser Attacks Will Continue to Pose Problems for Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often considered gateways for novice users all over the world. These platforms allow regular consumers to buy and sell bitcoin and top altcoins using convenient payment methods. At the same time, these exchanges also pose a big risk when it comes to attacks by cybercriminals. A new man-in-the-browser attack may prove to be […]

Trading Bot Mistakenly Causes e-Gulden Pump

In an unregulated market such as cryptocurrency, bad actors and spontaneous events continually prey upon unknowing individuals. While the victims of these acts typically consist of naive and inexperienced individuals, even savvy traders sometimes find themselves duped by these ploys. Since last Thursday, McAfee Antivirus creator and eccentric cryptocurrency magnate has been tweeting a “coin-of-the-day” to his […]

Forum Wars: r/Bitcoin Mods Accused of Hacking and Vote Manipulation

It’s no secret that not everyone in the world of bitcoin shares the same opinion. Heated debates, and all out flame wars, play across social media every day. But what happens when the debate goes beyond mere words, and individuals resort to dirty tricks such as hacking and vote rigging? That’s exactly what’s been taking […]

Algorithmic Trading Platform Quantconnect Extends Reach to Cryptocurrencies

The GDAX exchange, owned and operated by the firm Coinbase has just announced integration with the popular algorithmic trading platform Quantconnect. Now cryptocurrency traders can utilize Quantconnect’s trading algorithm interface to execute a swathe of exchange strategies. Also read: An Introduction to Bitcoin Trading and Technical Charts Identify, Backtest and Research New Quants With GDAX and […]

Researchers Unveil Mysterious Army of Twitter Bots

Twitter has quickly become one of the world’s largest social networks, allowing people from all over the world to share content, opinions, and thoughts. Unfortunately, this popular network is also being used for more nefarious purposes. Fake Twitter accounts are nothing new, yet it appears these “armies” are growing in size. Researchers uncovered 350,000 Twitter […]

Bitcoin Game on iOS for Virtual Bitcoin Trading

Recently in one of the previous articles we have covered about bitcoin trading bots and how useful they are when it comes to automating your bitcoin trading process. In the same article we also mentioned that a trading bot is only as powerful or intelligent as its owner. Whether you trade manually or use a […]