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Hacker Charged by Federal Authorities Fails at Using Altcoins to Secure His Bail

Martin Marsich was arrested earlier this year for allegedly hacking video game giant Electronic Arts Inc.’s (EA) systems and stealing digital funds. In attempts to pay his bail, Marsich was planned on trading in $750,000 in altcoins. However, he was eventually shut-out after officials claimed it was a liability issue. Paying Bail with Cryptocurrency? The… […]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Partners With World Bank to Issue First-Ever Blockchain Bond

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has been mandated by the World Bank to issue the world’s first bond created, allocated and managed on the blockchain. Once issued, the bond will be managed by the World Bank in Washington and CBA in Sydney over a private Ethereum-based blockchain, with CBA stating that it remains open […]

Bitcoin Is Now Accepted at a 550-Year-Old Istanbul Market

Earlier this week, a member of an online Bitcoin community revealed that a 550-year-old market in Istanbul contains merchants accepting Bitcoin. The photograph which the individual posted featured a big Bitcoin logo in a crowded part of the market that is widely acknowledged as a popular tourist destination. Positive Sign Located inside the market at […]