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Blockchain Streaming may Revolutionize Online Music Sales

DJ Gareth Emery thinks the way musicians get paid royalties from online music sites is mired in outdated technology and wants to use Blockchain to get artists what they deserve. Streaming services need an upgrade According to Emery music streaming sites like Spotify and Itunes domination of online distribution suck up an undue amount of […]

India’s Finance Minister: Country Proactively Exploring Blockchain Technology Applications

The Indian government isn’t looking too kindly on cryptocurrencies, but the country has certainly caught on to the potential applications for blockchain and associated technology. Blockchain technology is becoming a favourite in India, Asia’s third-largest economy, for solidifying information, sharing records, and preventing tampering. In his budget speech on February 1st, the country’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley […]

Jolyy: A Decentralized Beauty Platform for Cosmetic Aficionados

The beauty industry is one of the most growing niches all over the world since many people cherish the value that good looks bestow on them. Unfortunately, there are numerous weaknesses curtailing this industry from expanding to its maximum potential. A closer look at the industry shows that only big beauty firms with huge advertisement […]

Belarus Legalises Cryptocurrencies to Lure Foreign Investment

When most people think about high-tech innovation, the former Soviet bloc is probably one of the last places on Earth that springs to mind. However, Belarus is making efforts to change that. Thanks to a progressive piece of legislation that was signed into law last Thursday, President Alexander Lukashenko is hoping that the brightest minds […]

Blockchain Makes Unlimited Resources Available to Players in Sports Betting Market

The global prediction market is growing at a very fast rate, and this is due to the increasing level of information available over the various fields of predictive outcomes that make up the industry such as the prediction markets and sportsbooks. A largely redundant system Despite how widely the awareness surrounding this industry has spread, […]

Could There Be a New Crypto-Sheriff in Town?

Nowadays, Bitcoin is dominating cryptocurrency and financial headlines. Everyone wants a piece of the blockchain action, including large multinational banks like Goldman Sachs, who may have a cryptocurrency trading desk in place by June 2018. However, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency worthy of investor attention. A quick perusal of the entire market shows that many […]

VALID Makes IDs as Secure as a Swiss Bank Vault and Valuable Too

In the digital age identity is a nightmare. There’s no other way to put. We’ve all been through password hell. We’ve all had alerts on our phones telling us we’ve just requested to change our password when we didn’t or received unsolicited phishing emails trying to get information under false pretenses. There have been solutions […]

Hugely Successful TGE Shows SophiaTX Means Business

SophiaTX’s Token Generation Event (TGE) has officially come to a close. The project, led by CEO Jaroslav Kacina, has made some noise in the blockchain world as of late. A true testament to that was proven in the first round of their TGE when they generated 30,000,000 SPHTX tokens in just over 24 hours. That […]