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New Zealand’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sector is Booming With Developments

There are always interesting developments in the world of blockchain. New Zealand is paying very close to all of the changes and improvements occurring. So much even that FintechNZ general manager James Brown is confident the Kiwi nation can become a global blockchain center. The Blockchain Industry in New Zealand Most people would not necessarily […]

LYM Token Holders to Receive Shares from Lympo

The Lympo decentralized system ensures that individuals will get monetary rewards, which is quite a deviation from the existing systems where only the health and fitness companies reap profits. The aim of Lympo is to create an ecosystem that rewards those who lead a healthy life. The Health and Fitness Industry is Poised for Growth […]

How COTI Is Using Trust to Transform Crypto Payments

Crypto naysayers have been pointing out that calling tokens “currency” is a misnomer. Sadly for crypto advocates, the naysayers do have a point. Cryptocurrencies do lack certain attributes of fiat currencies. They are yet to be generally accepted and their values are far from stable. Even with the emergence of Bitcoin ATMs and Bitcoin-backed debit […]

United States Postal Service Files Patent Application for Blockchain-Based Techs

In promising news concerning government adoption of distributed ledger technology, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is looking to leverage blockchain in order to build a more secure and efficient identification system. This is according to a patent titled “Methods and Systems For A Digital Trust Architecture,” filed yesterday, March 22nd. The filing reads: “as more of life’s daily interactions […]

Verisart: Using Blockchain to Verify the Authenticity of Art

British contemporary artist Philip Colbert has long been considering creating his own catalog system to prove the authenticity of his expanding collection: enter Rob Norton, the founder of Verisart, a U.S.-based startup that’s using blockchain to verify the authenticity of artwork. As we know, blockchain creates an immutable record of every transaction — whether it be art, […]

Blockchain and Monetization of Content

The Promise of Ethereum Ethereum, the leading blockchain platform, and catalyst for a growing number of decentralized applications and blockchain-based platforms has proven over the past 12 months that it is far from a fad. This immutable, unhackable, distributed database of digital assets is everything the Internet always wanted to be: a fair and public […]

JP Morgan’s Blockchain Quorum Seeking Independence

US banking giant JP Morgan Chase is considering separating its blockchain division as an independent company. The notion being that liberation from the bank could increase the overall appeal of the project. Blockchain Disassociated from Banks According to reports citing ‘sources familiar with the situation’ the open source Quorum blockchain project could be spun off […]

Google’s Parent Company, Alphabet, Is Developing Blockchain-Based Solutions for its Cloud

According to people familiar with the situation, Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, is developing its own blockchain-based distributed digital ledger that third parties can use to post and verify transactions. Several people in Google’s infrastructure group, which reports to cloud chief Diane Greene, have been working with blockchain protocols in recent months, according to another […]

eToro Raises $100 Million as it Deepens Interest in Blockchain Ventures

Social trading network and investment platform eToro has announced that it has raised $100 million as it doubles down on its efforts to delve deeper into blockchain-based ventures. E Funding Round Successful The Series E funding round was led by China Minsheng Financial, a subsidiary of CMI Financial Holding Company. Other participants include SBI Group, Korea Investment […]

Blockchain Technology can Create a Social Media Platform that Facebook Can Never be

Facebook has become so much more than a social media company over the years. Not all of their decisions are appreciated by the general public, though. It also seems the platform faces major concerns regarding privacy and censorship. Blockchain technology may very well be the undoing of platforms like these for many different reasons. Facebook […]

Overstock CEO Aims to Dismantle Wall Street with a Blockchain Stock Exchange

Overstock dot com was made famous in 2014 for being the first major company to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. The US internet retail giant has seen stock prices jump in line with Bitcoin’s price so the decision was probably the best it has made. American entrepreneur, founder and CEO Patrick Byrne has […]

Huawei Exploring Release of First Blockchain Enabled Phone

Huawei the world’s third-largest mobile phone maker is reported to be exploring the release of a model that can run blockchain applications according to two anonymous sources reported by Bloomberg News. First Blockchain Enabled Phone on its Way The Shenzen, China-based company known for making high functioning phones at a low price has confirmed that it is in talks […]

Is Venezuela’s “Petro” Digital Currency a Russian-Backed Move Against the US?

Time has discovered evidence to suggest that the Venezuelan oil-backed digital currency, “El Petro”, was helped into existence by Russian officials, bankers, and businessmen. It’s believed that Russia wants to use the currency as an experiment in dodging US sanctions placed against the Eastern power. Digital Currency Cannot be Controlled Like Traditional Cash Can The […]

Ethereum Based CryptoKitties Raises $12M From Top Investors

CryptoKitties, the ‘world’s most successful blockchain game’, announced it has raised $12 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Union Square Ventures (USV). CryptoKitties Raises $12M From Horowitz, Union Square A blockchain-based game where users collect and breed digital cats was able to raise $12 million from a number of angel investors, including Andreessen […]