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Coinbase Introduces a PayPal-like Merchant Solution for Cryptocurrencies

Making cryptocurrency payments more convenient to use is a difficult task. Consumers often struggle to find platforms or shops accepting this form of payment. Store owners are not too convinced whether or not such payments offer them any benefits. Coinbase has come up with a solution which may resolve some of the concerns. Their new […]

BitPay’s E-Commerce Plugins Now Support Bitcoin Cash Payments

Allowing more companies and retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments will not be easy. In fact, it has been rather problematic over the past few years. Payment processors such as BitPay aim to contribute in this regard by releasing convenient plugins for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and others. These plugins have now received an update which allows users to […]

Bitcoin Cash Supporters Prepare for the Network’s Next Six Months

It’s been six months since the inception of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network, and the decentralized currency’s infrastructure continues to grow. Over the past week, there’s been many new announcements surrounding the BCH chain and its ecosystem. See also: Bitcoin ABC Developers Announce Medium-Term Bitcoin Cash Roadmap Six Months In, the Bitcoin Cash Network Celebrates a […]

Metropolitan Bank Denies Ceasing Cryptocurrency-Related International Wires

Just recently reported on the company Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp (NYSE: MCB) allegedly ceasing international cryptocurrency transfers. The bank is well known for being called the “Bitcoin Bank” and responded today to “erroneous statements” made by the media. Also read: French Entrepreneur’s Case to Overturn the Bitlicense Dismissed Various Reports State the ‘Bitcoin Bank’ Allegedly […]

Bitpay Starts Implementing Bitcoin Payment Protocol Invoices Decreasing Wallet Support

This week the cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay implemented the BIP70 Payment Protocol into their debit card bitcoin-to-dollar-load invoices. According to the company, the feature will prevent common payment errors and offer better security against man-in-the-middle attacks. Also Read: Hit BTC Introduces Deposit Charges to Deal With High Bitcoin Fees Using the Payment Protocol to Prevent […]

Bitpay Plans to Use Bitcoin Cash for Payment Invoices and Debit Loads

On December 15 the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, Bitpay, announced it will now process payments for multiple blockchains. The first decentralized currency Bitpay has opted to utilize will be bitcoin cash. Also read: Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin as Government Crackdown on Mining Intensifies Bitpay Will Now Process Bitcoin Cash for Merchant Invoices and […]

BitPay Begins Enforcing Bitcoin Payment Protocol Compatibility Requirement for its Debit Card

Not too long ago, it became clear BitPay was going to enforce some big changes. More specifically, the company announced the introduction of the Bitcoin Payment Protocol. The main reason for this change is to further create seamless and secure payment experiences. According to their latest blog post, a big first step has been taken […]

US Bullion Dealer APMEX Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Merchants and service providers all over the world are flocking to cryptocurrency. Despite major network issues and high transaction fees, Bitcoin is still a quite popular payment method. In fact, major gold brokers are now introducing Bitcoin payments on their online platforms. APMEX is the latest to do so, and it’s chosen BitPay as its payment processor. APMEX Finally […]