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Bitcoin May Be Down, But Miners Remain True

As Bitcoin faces downward market pressure, the price of the world’s most dominant virtual currency is likely to have crossed below the break-even point for crypto miners, according to most analysts. This, however, has not stopped their activity as the cryptocurrency mining industry is in it for the long haul. Bitcoin Miners Keep on Activity… […]

Bitmain Selling Routers That Mine Cryptocurrency

Bitmain is about to launch a USD 18 billion initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong stock exchange and is becoming quite innovative and creative with the devices offered to mine cryptocurrency. Bitmain has released two different models of mining Wi-Fi routers, a router that can mine X11 cryptocurrencies like Dash and a router […]

Bitmain Aiming for $18B IPO, Biggest Crypto-Related IPO in History

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining rigs, is aiming for a USD 18 billion initial public offering (IPO) when it launches on the Hong Kong stock exchange in Q4 2018 or Q1 2019. This would be by far the largest cryptocurrency IPO in history. In general, there aren’t many cryptocurrency or Bitcoin-related […]

Bitmain’s New Texas Mining Facility to Begin US Expansion

China-based cryptocurrency mining hardware company Bitmain has confirmed Rockdale, Texas as its next location to spearhead the way for its takeover of the US. Texas operations Rockdale will benefit from Bitmain’s investments totaling over USD 500 million in the following seven years, with plans to launch mining operations in early 2019. The location will employ 400 […]

Bitmain to Open New Blockchain Data Center in Texas

Mining hardware giant Bitman has announced that its newest blockchain data center will be located in Rockdale, Texas, in Milam County. According to a press release released today, developed of the new facility will begin in early 2019, and the company expects the center to be fully operational in about two years, bringing over 400 new jobs… […]

Canaan Crypto Mining TV Launched to Catch Bitmain’s Market

The so-called world’s first ever crypto mining TV has just been born, courtesy of the one of the largest makers of Bitcoin mining equipment, Canaan Creative. South China Morning Post has reported the launch, which the company has stated is a step towards creating a new generation of devices which are linked to blockchain and […]

How a Chinese Crypto Hedge Fund Saw 60-Fold Returns With its Unorthodox Strategy

Crypto hedge funds have become an increasingly common sight in this flowering industry, as investors seek alternative mediums to invest into crypto assets and their underlying technologies. FBG Capital, a crypto-centric fund based in China, has become one of the largest players in this expanding sub-industry, garnering support from an array of industry leaders. The… […]

Canaan Creative Launch World’s First TV with Bitcoin Mining Capabilities

The second largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware has announced a new product aiming to bring Bitcoin mining to people’s homes once again. Canaan Creative are hoping to promote greater decentralisation on the Bitcoin network with the launch of a television set with mining capabilities. Are Devices Like the AvalonMiner Inside Going to Help Further… […]