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Richard Branson’s Private Blockchain Summit Begins on Necker Island

This week Sir Richard Branson and the Bitfury Group are hosting another ‘exclusive’ bitcoin and blockchain retreat on Branson’s private Necker Island. The third annual Blockchain Summit will feature a host of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry luminaries for three days. Also read: Bitpay Wallet Adds Coinbase Integration for In-App Bitcoin Purchasing     The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain […]

BitFury Successfully Completes Their First Live Bitcoin Transaction on the Lighting Network

With all of the focus on SegWit activation, Bitcoin users tend to forget the Lightning Network is still a real thing. Although a viable implementation of this concept is still far away, progress is being made. BitFury successfully completed their Bitcoin transaction on the Lightning Network as we speak.It is worth noting their test was […]

BitFury Launches Open Source Blockchain Framework, Exonum

BitFury, cryptocurrency mining hardware and blockchain solutions provider has announced the launch of a new blockchain framework. The open source framework, Exonum is designed to suit enterprise applications. According to the company, Exonum is a private, permissioned blockchain which is anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain for added security and reliability. The mechanism will allow the […]

The Bitcoin Scaling Countdown: Miners Begin Running Segwit2x Software

It seems July 17 has initiated the beginning steps towards Segwit2x activation as the code has been released and miners who supported the “New York Agreement” (NYA) have started running the new BTC1 software. Also read: A Brief Glimpse Into the Lives of Chinese Bitcoin Miners Miners Begin Running the New Segwit2x Software As the price […]

State of Montana Funds Bitcoin Mine to Bolster Local Jobs

This week Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock announced the distribution of $1,124,030 in economic development grants that will be given to local businesses within the region. What’s interesting about the job initiative is the $416,000 of stimulus funding that will go to a bitcoin mining data center in Missoula County, called “Project Spokane.” Also read: Bitcoin: […]