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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – CoinVault

Although we have discussed various types of Bitcoin ransomware on this website already, there are many more different types roaming the wilds today. CoinVault is often overlooked as a very dangerous type of Bitcoin ransomware, although there is still no complete solution to tackle this malware. Kaspersky has managed to create a tool which will […]

Powerdouble Review

Even though no one in their right mind would ever use these so-called Bitcoin doublers, that is not keeping site owners from launching their own Ponzi schemes. Greed attracts a lot of potential investors, and doubling one’s money within five hours sounds very appealing, despite knowing one will never see their funds back. Powerdouble is […]

Nexusmining Review

The number of scam sites in the world of digital currency and Bitcoin is rather lengthy, and the cloud mining industry is one of the biggest risk sectors in this regard. Nexusmining is definitely on this list for just about anyone with more than two peas for a brain, as the site offers zero transparency […]

Burger King Arnhem Rewards Bitcoin Customers With Free Whopper

Getting merchants on board of the Bitcoin train is a massive feat these days, despite all of the advantages associated with digital currency payments. Merchants can save a lot of money on overhead costs by accepting Bitcoin, and hopefully, pass those savings along to customers. Burger King Arnhem seems to be thinking along those lines, […]