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Research Associate: Conversations Around Bitcoin and Energy Have Been Oversimplified

In the almost decade long existence of Bitcoin, the network has repeatedly come under fire for the large amount of electricity required to secure it. However, one researcher believes that the current discussion on energy use is largely redundant since it doesn’t take into account how the electricity itself is sourced or how technology evolves… […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes a Bit as U.S. Named #1 Trading Region

At press time, bitcoin – the father of all crypto – is trading for just under $6,500. This is somewhat higher than where it was yesterday afternoon, and a positive sign that the market is moving forward. There are a few things happening right now that are potentially affecting the bitcoin price. The first is […]

Major Crypto Exchanges Collaborate to Create Self-Regulatory Organization

Four major cryptocurrency exchanges are teaming up develop a self-regulatory organization (SRO) that would work cohesively to develop rules, regulations, and to set new regulatory standards for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. News of the potential SRO comes several months after the idea was first proposed by Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini exchange. The… […]

Bitcoin News Radio Show, 19th August 2018

Listen to the 19 August 2018 Bitcoin News Radio Show below. On this edition of the Bitcoin News radio show we discuss a Bitcoin dealer who blew a hole through government regulations. Hear about the rise of Bitcoin mining superstations. Learn about the Café Con Leche Index in Venezuela and how their national currency is going […]

US Universities Weigh in on Blockchain Applications

Many academics with both a business and technology background based at American universities  have been praising blockchain technology for its broad range of applications and future potential. Blockchain applications are in growing use by governments, private companies and NGOs, and millions of dollars have been invested in researching the new technology over the past few […]

Intel, Microsoft Took 10+ Years to See Gains, Crypto Investors in Good Position

As the crypto market fell from 2018’s all-time highs, many short-sighted investors began to declare that “prices would never recuperate.” While this bearish sentiment is the byproduct of the unwarranted elation and irrational exuberance experienced in 2017’s bull run, many industry leaders have continually noted that crypto’s journey to worldwide acceptance won’t happen overnight. “Change Your… […]

Crypto Exchanges May See Revenue Double This Year

Sanford C Bernstein & Co analysts have produced a report signaling a revenue increase in cryptocurrency exchanges. Estimations are in the ballpark of USD 4 billion this year. The published study, titled ‘Crypto Trading – the Next Big Thing is Here?’, found that despite the excess of FUD headlines and reports such as CCN’s ‘Crypto […]