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Darknet Markets Are Back – But With the Blockchain Bloated Who’s Buying?

Darknet markets, prized for their range of wares not commonly found on the clearnet, are back online. For the past three weeks, the most popular DNMs, including Dream and Aero, have been offline due to sustained DDoS attacks. Now, following a lengthy hiatus, the majority of markets are back online. There’s just one problem: with […]

70 Percent of the Bitcoin Hashrate Begins Signaling Segwit2x

On June 16 the alpha code for the scaling solution Segwit2x was released to the public following a large number of mining pools having vocally supported the plan. Since then a large majority of miners who back the Segwit2x roadmap have started signaling with their hashrate. Also Read: Australian Opposition Leader Believes Bitcoin is Fueling […]

Study Shows Forum Comments Can Predict Bitcoin’s Price with Over 80% Accuracy

A research paper published last week shows that forum user comments can be used to predict the value fluctuation of bitcoin to an accuracy of over 80 percent. Also read: Asset Managers Recommend Bitcoin to Hedge Against US Stock Market Risks Study Funded by Korean Government A research paper entitled “When Bitcoin encounters information in an […]

Bitcoin Double Taxation Ends in Australia July 1st recently reported that Australia’s government was planning to end the double taxation of bitcoin and increase fintech research and development within the country. In a recent budget report published on May 10, Australian authorities have revealed they will end the double taxation of virtual currencies July 1st as leaders plan to position “Australia to […]

A Virtual Reality Simulator of the Bitcoin Blockchain Is Coming to Steam

A new virtual reality game based on the Bitcoin network is coming to the Steam platform today Friday, March 31. The game called “Bitcoin VR” is a simulation of real-time Bitcoin transactions in a dark setting called the “Forest of Satoshi”, where players can even prune the network with a bow and arrow. Also read: Rare […]

Danish Police Surveil the Blockchain to Make Arrests

Danish law enforcement have arrested drug traffickers after an investigation that included surveilling the blockchain, according to the regional publication Berlingske. The Danish police’s cyber crime unit NC3 claim they have made arrests based on criminal activity tracked via bitcoin transactions.  Law enforcement officials are indeed working with blockchain surveillance software globally, and even warning […]

MovieTickets Sales and Visibility Boosted by Bitcoin

MovieTickets is one of the largest online movie ticketing websites in the US, representing an estimated 240 theater chains. According to its CEO Joel Cohen, accepting bitcoin payments for ticket purchases has increased sales and visibility for the company. The company earns revenue by sharing service fee proceeds with theater chains in exchange for managing […]

Bitcoin Payments Processor Bitnet and Limonetik Announce Partnership

Bitcoin payments processor Bitnet and global digital payments infrastructure company Limonetik formed a strategic partnership to allow merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method on the Limonetik payment platform, regardless of either which country they are in or where they are targeting their business. Currently, Limonetik customers are able to make payments through traditional […]

Bitdeals Compiles Selection of Bitcoin Deals Online

There are several bitcoin deals available online, so much so that it can be difficult to keep track of new and existing ones. That is, until two high schoolers Raymond Mancini and Giovanni Armonies-Assalone decided to compile all these together in a site that provides a large selection of bitcoin deals available from online stores. “We […]

Online Hotel Booking Site Offers Free Bitcoins for Customers

In a strategy to encourage more customers to book hotels through their site, is offering free bitcoins for room bookings. The company is giving a bitcoin cash back up to 5% for every reservation, which could be an enticing idea this summertime. “The service provides an extended base of accommodation, including 130 000 hotels, […]

Credit Cards Ban Usage on Backpage Sex Ads, Bitcoin Payments Accepted?

MasterCard and American Express have recently announced that they will be barring the use of their credit cards to pay for sex ads on Visa also banned its service on the site, which is allegedly being used for sex traffickers. According to Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart, the ads for escorts on the site […]

OffCoin: Making Offline Bitcoin Transactions Possible?

Most bitcoin transactions these days require users to be online in order to input their public and private keys before accessing their funds and authorizing transfers. OffCoin proposes to make offline bitcoin transactions possible by allowing keys to be stored in microSD cards in mobile phones in order to transmit private keys without going online. […]

Cloud Hosting Platform Cloudways Now Accepting Bitcoin

More and more establishments have been accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment, and cloud hosting platform Cloudways is no exception. The company recently announced that bitcoin payments will now be accepted for their services, along with other modes of payment such as MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, and American Express. Created in 2012, Cloudways is one of […]