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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: How Low Can It Go?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price looks ready to resume the downtrend as the descending trend line keeps holding. Bulls seem to be having trouble sustaining the upside wedge breakout and might give in to bearish pressure. Applying the Fibonacci extension tool shows the next potential downside targets. Bitcoin price might be ready to resume… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Imminent Rising Wedge Breakout

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price has formed higher lows and slightly higher highs to create a rising wedge on its 1-hour chart. Price is bouncing off resistance and might be due for another test of support. Bitcoin price is also nearing the peak of the formation so a breakout might happen soon. Bitcoin price… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Make or Break at Channel Resistance

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price looks ready to resume the slide after hitting the resistance at the descending channel. This lines up with the Fib retracement levels, adding strength to the ceiling. Technical indicators also support a continuation of the downtrend. Bitcoin price climbed to the top of its descending channel where sellers were… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Next Upside Hurdles to Clear

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price broke to the upside of its short-term consolidation pattern to signal bullish pressure. Price has yet to bust through several upside hurdles to confirm that buyers are in control. Technical indicators are mostly suggesting that the drop could still resume. Bitcoin price made a short-term upside break but still… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Eyes on This Consolidation Pattern

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin has formed lower highs and higher lows to trade inside a symmetrical triangle pattern on its 1-hour chart. Zooming out to longer-term time frames shows that this might be a bearish flag continuation pattern. Price is nearing the peak of the formation to signal that a breakout in either direction… […]

Hedge Fund CEO: $60,000 For Bitcoin in 2018 is Still In Play, Optimistic

Phillip Nunn has stated that he still believes that Bitcoin will reach $60,000 this year. The CEO of The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group reaffirmed his January price prediction earlier today. Nunn Believes that Many Crypto Projects will Fail Nunn spoke to BusinessCloud at KPMG’s Tech Manchester event on Thursday. He stated that he still… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Strong Bounce on Remarks from SEC Official

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price recently made a move below a long-term floor but this might just be a fakeout. Remarks from a senior SEC official eased regulatory concerns in the industry somewhat. Oscillators on the long-term chart are also hinting at a bounce as well. Bitcoin is still hovering around support at $6,600… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: One Downside Break After Another

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price has broken below one triangle after another as bearish momentum strengthens. Price is now trading below the descending triangle bottom of $6,700 after previously falling below the symmetrical triangle. This signals that further losses are underway, but oscillators suggest otherwise. Bitcoin price keeps tumbling below one support after another,… […]

Bitcoin Price Fell 11% in 24 Hours: What Triggered the Drop and What Lies Ahead?

Many analysts and mainstream media outlets including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal attributed the recent drop in the Bitcoin price from $7,500 to $6,700 to the hacking attack suffered by Coinrail, a minor cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. However, the reasoning behind attributing the latest correction to Coinrail is incorrect, given that Coinrail is […]

Are ICOs Cashing out en Masse to Crash Cryptocurrency Prices?

Speculation is an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. This becomes even more apparent when there is a lot of bearish pressure on the market.One has to wonder why these sell-offs keep happening so regularly. The ICO industry may have a role to play in this regard, albeit nothing can be proven right away. Are… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Can Bulls Defend the Triangle Bottom?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin is still inside its descending triangle visible on the daily chart. Price is testing support and is approaching the peak of the formation to signal an imminent breakout. Technical indicators appear to be favoring a downside move and a selloff. Bitcoin is testing the bottom of its descending triangle on… […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Stands Firm at $7,600

At press time, the father of cryptocurrencies is standing its ground at $7,600. The coin has undergone no change over the last 24 hours, suggesting that present support levels are holding up, but that resistance at $7,600 is proving difficult to overpower. One source states that bitcoin is “gathering steam” to move up, and is […]

Wall Street Analyst Says $25,000 Bitcoin Prediction in 2018 is Still in Play

The cryptocurrency market has slowed over the past few days, with Bitcoin holding price levels within the mid $7,000s. However, Robert Sluymer and Tom Lee, both from market analysis firm, Fundstrat, believe that this will change very shortly. Tom Lee Reaffirms His $25,000 Prediction Again, This Time On Bloomberg Tom Lee is by-far one of… […]