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Daily Recap: Crypto Market Surges as Tokens Including VeChain Spike 50%

The cryptocurrency market has shown a marked recovery from its bearish mood which saw Bitcoin drop below $6,000 to a near 2018 low. While Bitcoin stands at $6,500 today – an increase of over 2% in 24 hours, crypto analysts say that only an upward movement above key resistance at $6,675 would indicate a bullish… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Could This Be a Reversal Pattern?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price appears to be forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern on its 1-hour time frame. This is considered a classic reversal signal and if confirmed, price could pull up from its earlier drop. Technical indicators are also reflecting the presence of bullish momentum. Bitcoin price might be forming an… […]

Xapo Chairman Optimistic: Lower Bitcoin Price Means Better Opportunity to Buy it

Ted Rogers, the chairman of Xapo, a popular Bitcoin wallet and vault operator, has said that the lower price range of Bitcoin presents a better opportunity to purchase the digital asset. In a recent statement, Rogers said: “We could be in the midst of the extinction-level event for ‘cryptoassets’ that many maximalists have predicted. 90%+… […]

Does 50% Decline in the Turkish Lira Prove Bitcoin is Better Than Fiat?

The Turkish lira has fallen by 50 percent since September 2017, from $0.3 USD to $0.15 USD. While Bitcoin has fallen more than the lira in the past 12 months, investors of Bitcoin still are capable to withdraw and cash out their investments in crypto. Strict Capital Controls Currently, the price of the Turkish lira against… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Still Waiting for Directional Clues

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is trending below a short-term descending trend line as it hovers at the long-term floor. Traders are likely waiting for the next catalysts to decide which direction the breakout could take. Technical indicators appear to be suggesting a slowdown in bullish momentum soon. Bitcoin price is still trending lower… […]

Crypto Market Crumbles To New Year-To-Date Lows, Where Does it go Next?

On Thursday, investors awoke to a promising sight — a $300 candle that brought Bitcoin’s price off a $6,150 low — so some thought that the worse for over for the market. But, as some investors were lured into a false sense of security, the market fell even further to establish new year-to-date lows. There’s… […]

Bitcoin Eclipses 50% Crypto Market Dominance For First Time Since December

Bitcoin has long been at the forefront of the crypto industry; and it seems with the market’s most recent move downwards, Bitcoin’s dominance over the rest of the market may continue, or at least for a little while longer. Bitcoin Dominance Surges Amidst Crypto Downtrend The crypto market dropped by a collective 7% in the… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Downtrend Continuation or Reversal?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price continues to trend lower as it hit a roadblock at the top of its descending channel. Price could be setting its sights back on the support from here and the Fib extension tool shows the next support zones. Technical indicators also signal that a continuation of the selloff is… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Can More Bears Join In?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still heading lower as it trades below a descending trend line on the 1-hour chart. Price looks prime for a pullback as it hovers above the $6,100 area, and bears might be waiting at the trend line. Applying the Fibonacci retracement tool also shows where sellers might jump… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Aiming for Wedge Bottom?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is on another day of declines, possibly setting its sights on longer-term support zones. Price has already closed below the 50 SMA to reflect a pickup in selling pressure. The next downside target might be the yearly lows or the bottom of the falling wedge on the daily chart…. […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Hovering at Make-or-Break Levels

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still in correction territory as it hangs around the area of interest around $6,800 to $7,000. Several inflection points are in confluence on this area, and a bounce could allow the uptrend to resume. However, a break below this key level could mean a continuation of the longer-term… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Last Chance for Bulls?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is in the middle of a larger correction to the area of interest previously highlighted. If support holds, bitcoin could recover to the Fibonacci extension levels marked on the 4-hour time frame. Technical indicators appear to be suggesting that there’s still a chance for bulls to charge at these… […]

Square Recorded a Tiny Profit on Bitcoin, But it Has the Potential to Improve Massively

Square pulled in $37 million in revenue from Bitcoin, but spent $36.6 million to offer it on their Cash App, leading to a tight profit of $420,000.  Although profitable, Square isn’t expecting cryptocurrency to drive major profits anytime soon. Square initially added Bitcoin trading to the Cash App in January just before the cryptocurrency markets… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Larger Correction in the Works

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still in pullback mode as it broke below the first Fib and may be setting its sights on the next ones. Bulls could be waiting at the rising trend line connecting the lows since late June and the 61.8% Fib. Technical indicators are hinting that the uptrend still… […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Bulls Defending Correction Level

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still in correction mode but appears to be finding support at the nearest Fib. A bounce from current levels could take it back up to the swing high and beyond. A move lower, on the other hand, could indicate that a deeper pullback from the uptrend is in… […]