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Egypt: Islam Forbids Bitcoin

Egypt’s Dar Al Iftaa have issued an Islamic Ruling (Fatwa) which expressly forbids using Bitcoin as a means of exchange on religious grounds. According to multiple government ministers, the cryptocurrency threatens the economy, funds terrorism, and because it lacks set rules, it is “considered as a contract annulment in Islam”. These factors have influenced the […]

Bank of England Solidifies Plans to Issue a Digital Currency in 2018

Central banks want to issue their own digital currencies. After the success of Bitcoin and various altcoins, such a decision was to be expected. So far, no institution has effectively done so, although things are progressing nicely behind the scenes. Venezuela, for example, will issue the Petro very soon. Bank of England has also solidified […]

Bitcoin Outperformed All Bonds, Stocks, Gold, and Assets in 2017 as Usual

Bitcoin has started a new year, after defeating all bonds, stocks, gold, and assets in terms of price growth and profitability in 2017. 1,300% Annual Return According to StockTwits, S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Long 20+ Year Treasuries, Gold, Emerging Markets, and Junk Bonds have all recorded yearly gains below the 35 percent mark, despite […]

St. Moritz Joins Handful of Ski Resorts Accepting Bitcoin

Legendary Swiss ski resort St. Moritz has announced today that they will begin accepting Bitcoin payments for lift passes. The 2017/18 season that has just begun will be the first in which the payment method is trialled. According to Swiss information port SwissInfo, the director of the ski lift company at the resort, Markus Meili […]

South Korean selloff on crypto clampdown

After a brief day or two of recovery all cryptocurrencies except a couple were back in the red again during the Asian trading session. Bitcoin showed a strong rebound but failed to break resistance below $17,000 yesterday and fell sharply back to $14,700 where it currently trades. Likewise Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have all […]

Investor Ari Paul Bets $1 Million That Bitcoin Price Hits $50,000 by 2018

According to Business Insider, Ari Paul, the chief information officer and co-founder of cryptocurrency hedge fund Blocktower, has purchased $1 million worth of options that offers a 30-fold payout if the bitcoin price hits $50,000 by the end of 2018, on behalf of Blocktower. “On Wednesday, an unidentified entity made a $1 million bet on […]

Stick a fork in it; SegWit2x is back

All the forking around in recent months has caused a lot of confusion, not to mention some unhealthy chart spikes for Bitcoin. However according to the project’s official website the controversial SegWit2x hard fork will go ahead on December 28. Months of infighting and debate were the result of SegWit2x which was originally planned to fork […]

Belarus Legalises Cryptocurrencies to Lure Foreign Investment

When most people think about high-tech innovation, the former Soviet bloc is probably one of the last places on Earth that springs to mind. However, Belarus is making efforts to change that. Thanks to a progressive piece of legislation that was signed into law last Thursday, President Alexander Lukashenko is hoping that the brightest minds […]

Analyst: Bitcoin Price Could Surpass $60,000 in 2018, Short-Term Momentum Gained

Over the past 24 hours, the bitcoin price has regained momentum after two major corrections, recovering to $15,000 across all major bitcoin markets including the US and Japan. In South Korea, the demand for bitcoin still remains significantly high, as it is being traded with a $4,000 premium at a price of $19,000. $60,000 Mid-Term […]

Bitcoin Price is Expected to Surge Rapidly in 2018, Potential Factors to Consider

Many analysts expect the bitcoin price to surge rapidly throughout 2018, in consideration of the increasing adoption of the cryptocurrency by major financial institutions, service providers, and individual investors across the world. Cboe, NYSE, and Goldman Sachs Bitcoin ETF / Trading By early 2018, the global finance market’s largest futures exchange, stock market, and investment […]

Bitcoin Price Finding Stability After Frightening Free Fall

The price of Bitcoin seems to have found some stability after its free fall into the festive period. No doubt there’ll be some conversations over lunch today with smug relatives who “told you so” about that “dodgy internet money”. After such a severe a drop in price, Mums, Uncles, and Grandmas across the globe will be […]