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Surf Air Joins the Growing List of Private Airlines Accepting Bitcoin

These days bitcoiners can do a whole lot more with their ‘digital gold’ as there’s a broad range of merchants opting to accept bitcoin every day. Now this week one of the leading “All-You-Can Fly” air travel providers, Surf Air, has announced it is accepting bitcoin and ethereum for monthly memberships and charters. Also read: “Only […]

What Is BTCPay Server?

Accepting Bitcoin payments has proven to be quite a difficult venture for a lot of merchants these days. It is unclear why that would be the case, though. After all, there are a lot of merchant service providers people can use to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. BTCPay Server is a new, free and open-source solution […]

Morgan Stanley Believes Bitcoin Acceptance is Shrinking

Investment bank Morgan Stanley recently came out with a report suggesting bitcoin acceptance has dropped to “virtually zero and shrinking.” The report was created by the investment bank’s internal analyst team, which was headed by James E Faucette.  Also read: BTCC Founder Bobby Lee Says Cryptocurrencies Need Regulation A Yahoo Financial article elaborated, saying, “According to […]

Asia-Focused Luxury Travel Agency Smiling Albino to Start Accepting Bitcoin

The Southeast Asian travel agency, Smiling Albino, announced they would begin accepting bitcoin for payment on August 1. The company is based out of Bangkok, Thailand. They work with clients to provide specialized and tailored traveling throughout Southeast Asia. They will accept bitcoin transactions for organizing customized travels in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. The […]

Why Michigan’s Oldest Lawn & Power Sports Stores Goes Bitcoin

As bitcoin grows in value, more merchants every day are accepting the digital currency to stay ahead of the times. This week one of Michigan’s largest and oldest lawn equipment and power sports stores — Ball Equipment is now accepting bitcoin. Also read: Petition Asks SEC to Clarify Rules on Bitcoin and Digital Token Assets    […]

Dear Vox, Bitcoin is Changing the World Whether We See it or Not

A recent Vox article reads, “Bitcoin was supposed to change the world. What happened?” Those are some amusing words to use. “What happened?” They insinuate that bitcoin hasn’t changed the world, and that everything it set out to do hasn’t been accomplished. Titles like these make us realize just how misunderstood bitcoin really is. Despite […]

Blizzard Creates Own Digital Currency for World of Warcraft, Still Doesn’t Accept Bitcoin

Blizzard, one of the biggest game producers, announced the release of an in-game digital currency tradable as tokens in their upcoming patch of World of Warcraft.

ChangeTip Facebook Integration – What this means for the community?

“ChangeTip Facebook Integration: The San Francisco based Bitcoin microtransactions startup, ChangeTip, now allows Facebook friends to Tip in Bitcoin.  That was the news, that NewsBTC has been keeping track ever since The post ChangeTip Facebook Integration – What this means for the community? appeared first on NEWSBTC.