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Wendy McElroy: Crypto as Class Warfare

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 9, Part 1 Crypto as Class Warfare “Antagonism between the classes will be removed. I do not envisage a dead and artificial level among the people. There will be a variety among them as there is among the leaves of a […]

Circle Is Pursuing a US Banking License

Boston-based crypto-focused financial services firm Circle plans to seek a federal banking license to diversify the services it offers to its users. According to a Bloomberg report yesterday, the firm also plans to pursue licensing as a brokerage and trading venue to facilitate the sale and purchase of digital assets which may be categorized as […]

Poland Reaffirms Crypto Exchanges Still Legal Nationally

The Polish Financial Supervision ‎Authority (KNF) reaffirmed the country’s position regarding the legality of cryptocurrencies this week, in reaction to media accounts suggesting Poland is looking to prohibit all activity on cryptocurrency exchanges. False reports of a crypto ban While Poland did announce a government-led investigation into cryptocurrencies, allegations reportedly made by mainstream media outlets […]