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Baidu Unveils Its New Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

In the world of technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role moving forward. Although the skeptics will claim that neither technology is mature enough to be used on a large scale, Baidu thinks otherwise. The company has come up with a blockchain-as-a-service platform that will rival other companies providing similar services. This […]

China’s Baidu Plans to Place a Driverless Bus on the Road by 2018

China will always remain a crucial area when it comes to the future of technology. Baidu, best known for its search engine, is also experimenting with autonomous vehicles of all kinds. In a recent announcement, Baidu announced that it plans to put a driverless bus on China’s roads by 2018. The company’s venture into the autonomous car industry is already underway, and […]

Chinese Social Media Platforms Under Investigation Over Cyber Security Law

Few people will be surprised to learn most of China’s instant messaging services are currently under investigation. The government is investigating these social media networks for potential violations of the country’s cyber security law. The platforms affected include Weibo, WeChat, and Baidu, all three of which serve millions of users every single day. According to […]

Baidu’s Move to Ban Bitcoin Related Ads from Its Network Raises Speculations

Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant has enforced a blanket ban on all digital currency-related advertisements. This sudden move on Baidu’s part has left many cryptocurrency businesses surprised. Baidu was among one of the first movers when it comes to Bitcoin payments. The company used to accept Bitcoin payments from its music service customers until […]