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What Is the Intel Management Engine Backdoor?

There have always been concerns that governments could backdoor existing technology to spy on consumers and enterprises. Although such claims have always been considered conspiracy theories, there may be a lot more to them than originally assumed. A person claiming to work for Intel confirms there is such a thing as a backdoor in the Intel Management Engine. […]

Cobian Remote Access Trojan has a Nasty Backdoor

Whenever cybercriminals offer free tools to the rest of the world, one always needs to be suspicious. The new Cobian Remote Access Trojan, for example, is provided free of charge on underground hacking forums. However, it comes with a backdoor that aims to provide the original developer with access to all of the victim’s data. This […]

Antminers May Contain Backdoor Vulnerability…Or Buggy Security Feature

There have been recent allegations that Bitmain can shut down all of its Antminer mining hardware remotely. This supposed “backdoor” vulnerability has been dubbed “Antbleed,” and can be viewed via lines of code on Github and Pastebin. The website was created apparently to explain the vulnerability to the public. Also read: There’s a Big Difference Between Electronic […]

What is the Large Bitcoin Collider, and What’s With All the Drama Surrounding It?

The Large Bitcoin Collier (LBC) -not to be confused with LocalBitcoins – is a decentralized network of computers looking to utilize the collective computing power to find a collision of private Bitcoin keys. Its name pays homage to the Large Hadron Collider. Essentially this project is looking to challenge the notion that it is “impossible” to […]

French Presidential Hopeful Macron Considers Enforcing Encryption Backdoors Upon US Tech Companies

It has been a little while since government officials around the world last mentioned encryption backdoors. This discussion is brought to the forefront once again by Emmanuel Macron, one of the many French Presidential hopefuls. His goal is to force US tech companies into creating encryption backdoors. So far, no one gives his plan any […]

PoisonTap, a $5 Hacking Device That Can Prove to Be Costly

Technology can be used for both good and bad. As cyber researchers and developers continue to develop state of the art security features, the same set of skills can be used to circumvent them as well. Samy Kamkar, a hardware hacker has proven it with his PoisonTap device. The PoisonTap, comprising of a Raspberry Pi […]

US House of Representatives Prevents Encryption Backdoor Blockade

A huge blow has been dealt to privacy advocates has been achieved in the US House of Representatives earlier today. After blocking an amendment that would prevent government officials from enforcing security backdoors and weakened encryption, it looks like privacy is not on the agenda for US politicians. The recent shooting in Orlando forced their […]

Putting A Backdoor In Computer Chips During Manufacturing

Researchers have provided the world with some very worrying finding, as it is possible to build a backdoor in computer chips. To make matters even worse, it would be nearly impossible to detect such a backdoor. Albeit this is only a proof-of-concept for the time being, it goes to show the technology we use can […]

Petition Against Encryption Backdoors Surpasses 70% of Target

In April of 2016, an anti-encryption law was put forward by US government officials, forcing encryption protocols to contain backdoors. A petition was started to get consumers and enterprises to vote against these proposals, and 70% of the petition’s goal has been reached so far. More Outspoken Opinions Against Encryption Backdoors It is positive to […]