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ARK Unveils Date For Core v2 Codebase and DevNet Release

Following months of development and testing, point-and-click blockchain solution platform, ARK, has finally unveiled the release dates for its new ARK Core V2 code based for public testing on the DevNet. The highly anticipated codebase goes live on thursday, the 14th of June 2018 on ARK’s public test network. Not to be confused with the […]

China Plays Jekyll & Hyde, After Ban It Will Publish Monthly Crypto Report

China’s government is well known as a crypto hater, and its banishments and pronouncements are the stuff of wild market swings. That doesn’t mean, however, they’re not keeping close eye on decentralized currencies. In fact, according to recent press releases, Chinese authorities are set to publish regular monthly analysis of over two dozen crypto assets, […]

ARK Sponsors the World’s Premier Blockchain Conference

Blockchain technology has revolutionised the modern world. Transactions and exchanges on a global scale have never been easier, as we begin to unlock the full potential of the blockchain. The implementation of blockchain technology has completely revamped a number of industries. However, so many different blockchain systems are incompatible, interoperability has previously been impossible. ARK […]

Global Blockchain Conference, Consensus To Be Sponsored by ARK

Blockchain is a borderless industry and as such, it has different platforms and organizations working all over the world. Much like an industrial association that has different companies meeting together on a single page to discuss about issues particularly related to their environment, decentralized platforms have different summits and forums where they can meet and […]

ARK Announces Imminent Release of Core v2

ARK is proud to announce that ARK Core v2 is near completion and currently on ARK’s internal testnet and it’s very close to releasing the code for public testing on Devnet. However, the blockchain startup has refrained from announcing a specific date for the public release, saying that it would be mere speculations due to […]

ARK to Sponsor and Attend HackPrinceton 2018: ARK Deployer Available For Competitors

Blockchain startup ARK recently attended the bi-annual Princeton 2018 Spring Hackathon. The renowned event saw thousands of individuals from the programming, web development and entrepreneur courses from various institutions from across all of North America. Teams of students worked together in groups of four to create functioning software or hardware projects within a set timeframe […]

ARK to Jump-start Blockchain Development By Sponsoring HackPrinceton 2018

Blockchain startup ARK has attended Princeton University for it prestigious 2018 spring hackathon. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article This thirty-six-hour long competition plays host to hundreds of students, programmers, entrepreneurs and developers from college and universities from across the United States. The Princeton 2018 Hackathon event ran from March 30th, 2018 to April 1st, […]

Blockchain Mass Adoption Platform ARK Announces ARK CON: First Official Meetup in University of Geneva

Blockchain adoption for the masses requires bold initiatives focusing on innovation and building of faster, more economic Blockchain ecosystems. For this purpose, different tactics are being used keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the Blockchain and decentralization world. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Whilst programmable blockchains like Ethereum, Stratis, and NEO have given […]

ARK Core Updates Pave the Way for DPoS Blockchain Technology

After announcing platform development for its Core v2 blockchain update, ARK, has now proudly followed up with an in-depth look into this recent development. This optimized version of the ARK Core boasts an impressive number of features that addresses existing concerns with the platforms and implements exciting, new functionalities. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article […]

Marketing Genius Jeremy Epstein to Advise ARK on Community Awareness

Jeremy Epstein, whom audiences have called “a shot of espresso”, is now the marketing advisor to all-in-one blockchain solution ARK. The CEO of Never Stop Marketing, who made a name for himself with over 20 years of successful marketing to global audiences, will work on ARK’s directions and investments to ensure they add value to […]

ARK’s latest Core 2 update introduces new clean and easy API

Linked chain ecosystem ARK has announced the testing of its Core 2 update, beginning with the roll out of its new API v2 software that promises an easier, cleaner experience for developers to experiment with and run extensions on. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Fresh from its latest business release of the ARK Deployer, […]

What Is ARK?

Competition in the world of all-in-one blockchain solutions has been heating up these past few months. Multiple companies and projects aim to make a meaningful impact in this area. ARK claims to have the technology in place to become one of the world’s top blockchain service providers moving forward. With a team of 17 core members, […]