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Blockchain Mass Adoption Platform ARK Announces ARK CON: First Official Meetup in University of Geneva

Blockchain adoption for the masses requires bold initiatives focusing on innovation and building of faster, more economic Blockchain ecosystems. For this purpose, different tactics are being used keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the Blockchain and decentralization world. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Whilst programmable blockchains like Ethereum, Stratis, and NEO have given […]

ARK Core Updates Pave the Way for DPoS Blockchain Technology

After announcing platform development for its Core v2 blockchain update, ARK, has now proudly followed up with an in-depth look into this recent development. This optimized version of the ARK Core boasts an impressive number of features that addresses existing concerns with the platforms and implements exciting, new functionalities. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article […]

Marketing Genius Jeremy Epstein to Advise ARK on Community Awareness

Jeremy Epstein, whom audiences have called “a shot of espresso”, is now the marketing advisor to all-in-one blockchain solution ARK. The CEO of Never Stop Marketing, who made a name for himself with over 20 years of successful marketing to global audiences, will work on ARK’s directions and investments to ensure they add value to […]

ARK’s latest Core 2 update introduces new clean and easy API

Linked chain ecosystem ARK has announced the testing of its Core 2 update, beginning with the roll out of its new API v2 software that promises an easier, cleaner experience for developers to experiment with and run extensions on. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Fresh from its latest business release of the ARK Deployer, […]

What Is ARK?

Competition in the world of all-in-one blockchain solutions has been heating up these past few months. Multiple companies and projects aim to make a meaningful impact in this area. ARK claims to have the technology in place to become one of the world’s top blockchain service providers moving forward. With a team of 17 core members, […]

ARK All Set to Launch the Mainnet This March 21st

ARK, the blockchain ecosystem has recently announced the launch of its Mainnet — the ARK blockchain and wallet, with delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus-based crypto token. Along with the native block, the platform will also generate the ARK tokens to be distributed amongst the Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) participants. The decentralized digital asset token, […]

ARK Crew leads change with first ever Public Testnet

In an industry first, ARK cryptocurrency platform is set to launch its public testnet along with mobile and desktop clients. The first ever publicly available test network has been unveiled by ARK Crew, the team behind ARK blockchain ecosystem. The platform, which is currently in the final stages of ICO- ARK Token Exchange Campaign (TEC), […]

Podcast: Mike Doty from ARK.IO

Mike Doty, Managing Director of ARK.IO, visionary, promotor, Guardian of Decentralization, Bastion of Digital Currency, Bishop of the SmartBridge, and all around cool dude, stops by to talk ARK shop talk with Dee.]]>

The ‘ARK TEC’ ICO Offers an Opportunity to Be Part of the next Generation Blockchain Ecosystem

ARK, the development team behind new age blockchain products and services has announced the launch of their upcoming ICO. The initial coin offering, better known in ARK’s terms as Token Exchange Campaign or ARK TEC is slated to go live on November 7, 2016. During the 34-day long ICO period, investors can take part in […]