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Andreas Brekken’s Experience Running the Biggest Lightning Node

Andreas Brekken, the operator of, decided to review the Bitcoin Lightning Network by creating the largest node on the network. The Bitcoin Lightning Network is supposed to be a scaling solution for Bitcoin since it facilitates instant payments with very low fees. Andreas Brekken wanted to find out first hand how practical it is […]

Samsung Claims Smartphones Provide Best Security for Crypto

Multinational tech conglomerate Samsung has argued that smartphones can provide the best security for cryptocurrency holdings because of the combined efficiency of apps and the presence of the trusted execution environment (TEE). Cryptocurrency wallet apps like Blockchain and Jaxx are a convenient and popular way to transfer, send and store assets on a smartphone. What Joel Snyder, a senior IT […]

Space Telescope Science Institute Uses Blockchain to Process Hubble Data

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) has launched a platform which accelerates Hubble Space Telescope research with blockchain technology. There is so much data generated by the Hubble Space Telescope, the leading telescope for investigating deep space, that the government and researchers don’t have enough computing power to thoroughly analyze all of the data. This […]

Ben and Jerry’s In London Using Blockchain to Offset Carbon Emissions

A Ben and Jerry’s store in London is partnering with the Poseidon Foundation to make their business carbon neutral. For every ice cream sold, the store will purchase a penny of carbon credits and offer customers the opportunity to buy an additional penny of carbon credits. Poseidon has its own native cryptocurrency on the Stellar […]

American Express Latest Blockchain Patent Application to Provide Payment Evidence

An application released last week by the US Patent and Trademark Office shows that multinational financial services corporation American Express (AmEx) is seeking to patent a blockchain payment system. Patent details The application details a blockchain-based system to aid financial transactions, specifically in terms of confirming transaction totals and merchant identities. It would also encrypt the […]

New Point-of-Sale Crypto Device Could Become Future of Retailing

Pundi X, a blockchain-based Point-of-Sale (POS) provider, has announced a partnership with Hong Kong group FAMA to improve retailing using cryptocurrency, writes Global Finance and Banking Review (GFBR). The outcome of the partnership with FAMA, the organic food restaurant chain, will be a POS smart device enabling consumers to access easy purchasing using digital currency via […]

Western Union Patenting Crypto Compatible Payment Technology

Western Union has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled ‘Recurring Transfer Notifications and Secure Transfers‘ that heavily mentions cryptocurrency integration. The patent application describes an electronic system that processes secure payments, which is essentially what cryptocurrency already accomplishes. It describes how this electronic system can be used for […]

Blockchain Technology Strengthens the Scientific Method

Blockchain technology has the potential to strengthen the scientific method by providing an immutable and transparent ledger system that scientists can use to store experimental data and share it with each other. This will make the scientific method more robust and efficient, accelerating the advancement of science and our collective knowledge of the universe. An […]

Cross-Border Commercial Trades Successfully Completed on European Banks’ Platform

A blockchain-based platform managed by several European banks,, went live on 3 July 2018 and has successfully completed seven commercial trades between ten companies in the past five days using four different banks. is built on the IBM blockchain platform, and claims that these are the first commercially-viable trades that harness blockchain technology. […]

The Evolution of Bitcoin According to Darwinism: No ‘Eureka Moment’

The development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be viewed with some clarity using Darwinism and evolution as an explanation, writes Shanna McEachern in the Global Banking and Finance Review. McEachern refers to the massive numbers generated by cryptocurrency, seemingly out of nothing, to predictions that the digital currency market will evolve to USD 2 […]

UK Food Services Agency Pilots Blockchain for Food Regulation

The United Kingdom Food Services Agency (FSA) has successfully piloted the use of blockchain technology in a slaughterhouse, marking the first time that blockchain has been used as a tool to regulate the food sector. FSA’s head of information management, Sian Thomas, says, “We thought that blockchain technology might add real value to a part […]

MIT Media Lab’s Enigma Pioneers Blockchain-Based Secret Smart Contracts

Enigma is a blockchain-based platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab that facilitates secret smart contracts. On 30 June 2018, Enigma announced the launch of its testnet, which developers can use to start experimenting with secret smart contract technology. The MIT Media Lab is not forking any existing blockchain; instead, it is […]

Crypto Mining Malware on the Rise as Ransomware Declines

A new study by Kaspersky Lab has found that incidents of cryptocurrency related ransomware declined 30% since 2016 from 2.58 million to 1.81 million, while simultaneously cryptocurrency mining malware incidents have risen 44.5% from 1.9 million to 2.74 million. Kaspersky Lab suspects that there is a direct causation between these statistics, they say cybercriminals have […]

100% Success Rate on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network but Only for 3 Cents or Less

A study in the Diar Digital Assets and Regulation Trade Publication calculated the success rate of transactions on the Bitcoin Lightning Network according to the amount of money being sent. Initial results were not satisfactory, with high transaction failure rates, indicating much still needs to be done before the Lightning Network becomes a feasible scalability solution […]

NZ Blockchain Company Helping Small Companies with Dapps

New Zealand tech company Centrality has created an infrastructure and marketplace for decentralized apps (Dapps), writes Techwire Asia. In the digital age where larger companies are expanding and smaller players have to really prove themselves to make their mark, Centrality CEO and co-founder Aaron McDonald thinks his company can help to level the playing field. […]