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Nasdaq Develops Blockchain Tech for Rapid Collateral Delivery for Margin Calls

Nasdaq has developed a distributed ledger blockchain system that optimizes the use of securities as collateral for margin calls. A network is built between collateral givers, collateral takers, and intermediaries, and the system rapidly transfers collateral to central counterparties (CCP) round the clock. The CEO of Nasdaq Clearing, Julia Haglind, said, “As both a leading […]

Giant Pacific Tuna Fishery to Integrate Ethereum Blockchain

Pacifical tuna, the largest sustainable tuna fishery in the world, has announced at the Seaweb Sustainable Seafood Summit in Barcelona, Spain that it will be launching the first large-scale blockchain initiative in the USD 42 billion per year worldwide tuna industry. It will be partnering with Thailand blockchain company Atato which uses Ethereum blockchain smart […]

Anheuser-Busch Launches “First” Mobile Ad Campaign with Blockchain Tech

Anheuser-Busch InBev has partnered with Kiip to launch what it claims to be the first mobile ad campaign in history that uses blockchain technology. In particular, it uses Kiip’s ‘Single Ledger’ blockchain product. Kiip provides customers with tangible rewards for in-app actions and in-game achievements, instead of the traditional advertising style where users are interrupted by […]

German Bar to Give Customers Crypto with Every Drink

German cocktail bar Sausalitos is launching its own native cryptocurrency, Sausalitos Coin, with which it will reward customers for every purchase via the blockchain-based loyalty rewards platform ‘qiibee’ that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Customers at Sausalitos can now build up their cryptocurrency portfolio just by consuming alcohol. Having a loyalty rewards program use blockchain technology comes […]

US Homeland Security Piloting Blockchain Tech to Secure Borders

The US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate has awarded Factom a USD 192,380 grant and will possibly award up to a total of USD 800,000 as part of the Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) to integrate critical infrastructure such as cameras and sensors with blockchain technology. This project began in 2016 when […]

Walmart Patenting Blockchain Tech for Life-Saving Medical Wearables

Walmart has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for blockchain technology that stores critical personal medical information in a wearable device that can be accessed by paramedics during an emergency. This technology could save lives if a patient is unresponsive since paramedics will be able to get all the […]

Non-Fungible Tokens Give Players True Ownership of Digital Assets

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are changing the gaming industry by giving players true ownership over digital assets that they acquire in a game. The ERC-721 protocol which makes it easy to create NFTs has sparked the development of numerous blockchain-based games, a new and growing industry. Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are fungible, which means that […]

Start Your Morning Right With Some Bitcoin Coffee

Now everyone can start the morning right with a steaming hot cup of Bitcoin coffee, thanks to Ricardo Reis of Brazil. He has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2016 and created this automated Bitcoin-powered coffee machine to prove the ease of using Bitcoin as a currency. He used the popular programming language PHP to develop […]

New Version of Bitcoin Core 0.16.1 Released

A new version of Bitcoin Core, 0.16.1, has been officially released by a group of 19 Bitcoin Core developers on 15 June 2018. This is the first update to Bitcoin Core since 0.16.0 in February 2018 which implemented full support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) to fit more transactions into blocks and reduce transaction fees. In […]

Russian Central Bank to Coordinate Testing of Blockchain Alternative Masterchain to Replace SWIFT

The Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers has announced that it will be coordinating with the Russian Central Bank to test Masterchain, blockchain technology developed with the help of the Russian government. Masterchain is designed to make inter-bank communications cheaper and more efficient. Eventually, Masterchain might replace The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). SWIFT […]

TRON Founder Buys BitTorrent for Undisclosed Sum

The founder of the TRON cryptocurrency, Justin Sun, has acquired the peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent for an unknown amount of money. TRON aims to build a decentralized entertainment ecosystem where content creators can freely publish, store, and sell their content while directly interacting with consumers via issuing and trading digital assets. The peer-to-peer file […]

Volkswagen Using IOTA Technology for Autonomous Cars

Volkswagen has integrated IOTA Tangle technology into its autonomous cars and displayed a proof of concept at the 11 June 2018 Cebit Expo in Germany, demonstrating the usefulness of cryptographic technology in the cutting-edge futuristic world of self-driving vehicles. By using IOTA, Volkswagen can wirelessly send updates to its autonomous cars on a transparent, immutable ledger. […]