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Wozniak Sells Most Of His Bitcoin Holdings, But Remains Keen Supporter of the Cryptocurrency

Speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Sweden, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admitted he has sold off almost all of his Bitcoin holdings — keeping some to “experiment” with. Despite this, he’s still a keen supporter, maintaining the that the cryptocurrency is superior to gold and fiat currencies. Wozniak became interested in Bitcoin when it […]

Steve Wozniak Liquidates Majority of Bitcoin Holdings To Not Obsess Over Price

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, recently stated that he has liquidated most of his bitcoin holdings whilst speaking at a business forum in Sweden. Mr. Wozniak has previously stated that he had purchased bitcoin for approximately $700 USD, suggesting that he likely realized gains of more than 1000%. Also Read: China Censors Cryptocurrency Ads on Search Engines […]

With Coinbase Topping iOS Chart, Is Public Adoption Underway?

With Bitcoin and altcoins exploding as a whole this entire year, and particularly in recent weeks, individuals from all backgrounds are beginning to take an interest in cryptocurrency. Every day, formerly hesitant individuals are making the transition into the world of crypto, as seen by Coinbase’s surge in usage. Since the historic downfall of Mt. Gox, Coinbase has […]

Britain: Where You Can Bet on Bitcoin but Can’t Find a Bitcoin Exchange

If buying bitcoin isn’t a big enough gamble, there’s another way to wager with it – by betting on which merchant will be next to accept the digital currency. One British bookmaker has released odds on a range of big brands accepting bitcoin including McDonald’s, Walmart, and Amazon. Factor in margin lending and futures trading, […]