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Nano Price Pushes Past $10.5 as Solid Uptrend Remains Intact

Even though most cryptocurrencies are still recovering from last night’s unexpected downtrend, there is some positive momentum forming as well. We see some currency note interesting gains already over the past 24 hours, although no currency notes impressive gains on the same level of Nano. After yesterday’s positive trend, the Nano price is still up […]

Here Are 4 Ethereum Trading Bots Worth Checking Out

Trading bots are rather popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Even though a lot of people would like to trade cryptocurrencies, they don’t have the slightest idea how to do so. For those users interested in trading Ethereum back and forth, there are a few trading bots worth checking out. Your mileage may vary when […]

Litecoin Price Locks on to the $250 Target

It seems all cryptocurrency markets may effectively see another small uptrend in the future. While the Bitcoin price is moving up once again, some other altcoins have taken a slightly it in value, for some reason. The Litecoin price is a bit different in this regard, as it effectively seen a 7.96% increase in the […]