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What Is DeepBrain Chain?

There is no shortage of innovation in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some companies take things to a whole new level by integrating innovative technologies. DeepBrain Chain is doing exactly that, as it combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to build an entirely new computing platform. An Overview of DeepBrain Chain Computing platforms are anything but […]

What Is XPlay?

An interesting connection exists between cryptocurrency and the entertainment industry. So far, a few hybrid projects have been explored by various companies, but nothing major has come to market yet. With XPlay, a relatively new cryptocurrency, that situation may come to change. With a focus on blockchain and artificial intelligence, the future of entertainment will look very different […]

Alibaba and Microsoft AIs Outperform Humans in Reading Test

Machine learning is one of the more interesting industries to keep an eye on right now. Various technology giants have shown a great interest in this technology, with varying degrees of success. Both Alibaba and Microsoft seem to be capable of developing “smarter” machine learning models. So smart, even, that their creations have surpassed human scores on […]

US Scientists Develop AI Capable of Recognizing Chicken Speech

A lot of people are paying attention to artificial intelligence these days, and for good reason. Although there are genuine concerns over this technology taking jobs away, it will also open up a lot of new opportunities. One particular farm in the US now uses AI to identify chicken speech and help farmers better understand the needs […]

Blockchain AI Underdog Autonio Yields Over 40X Returns for ICO Investors

As we know, the crypto industry is being increasingly seen as a viable and profitable investment avenue. However, crypto trading, because of its new market, is highly unpredictable and volatile. Autonio entered the market with an aim to offer every level of investor an opportunity to reap the rewards of crypto trading. Essentially, the platform […]

Police in UK Face Backlash Over Algorithm Used to Detain Suspects

While automation and technological innovation should be embraced rather than opposed, they are not foolproof solutions by any stretch of the imagination. Arresting criminal suspects based on information provided by a computer program is not acceptable. A UK human rights group has expressed concern over these practices, claiming that such systems are “advisory” rather than “necessary”. Police and Algorithm-based […]

The Fashion Industry May Soon Get Help From Artificial Intelligence

Not every development in the world of artificial intelligence needs to be feared. In most cases, these new technological tools will improve many aspects of our daily lives. Researchers at the University of California at San Diego have partnered with Adobe to create a new fashion-oriented AI. Not only will it learn about your personal fashion […]

Can an AI Program Be a Musician?

Computers and artificial intelligence are advancing at an exponential rate. New applications and uses for these technologies are announced daily, and there does not seem to be an end in sight to their capabilities. Even in areas such as the arts, computers are making an impact. In fact, the next catchy tune you hear on the […]

Nigel is an AI that may Help Users Make Political Decisions

People are relying on the Internet and their devices more for gathering information about their world to make decisions. Many of the times, these decisions are about where to eat tonight, whether a beer is good, or how a cryptocurrency is performing. But what if a device or software could help people choose how to […]

Autonomous Submarines are the Next Frontier for the US Navy

Unmanned vehicles can include any form of transportation. Cars, trucks, and even small aircraft come to mind almost immediately. US Navy, however, is exploring the possibility of autonomous submarines. Defense manufacturers are readily exploring this new industry, thanks to a competition organized by Navy officials. Unmanned submarines make a lot of sense. Autonomous Submarines For Naval Purposes […]