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Five Reasons Why Smaller Exchanges Are Sometimes Superior

There are over 150 active cryptocurrency exchanges of vastly different volumes with thousands of different trading pairs. While many altcoin traders spend most of their time on Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex, there are dozens of alternatives that other active traders choose over the larger platforms every day. There are plenty of benefits to be experienced through the use of smaller exchanges, […]

Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 and Reaches New All-Time High

Bitcoin has been struggling over the last couple of weeks, with considerable volatility influencing the value of the cryptocurrency. However, thanks to rising investor interest, another rally occurred Thursday morning which pushed Bitcoin to a new all-time high. Bitcoin hits all-time high of $5,144 The newest all-time high according to CoinDesk is well above the previous ATH of US$5,013 reached back […]

Top 4 Most Vulnerable Industries To Cyberattack in 2017

Every passing year the cyber security sector makes headlines in newspapers and media outlets. Almost all of them are bad, as the attacks on computer networks are becoming more sophisticated. In this article, we will show you the most vulnerable sectors in 2017. Nowadays high profile social media accounts have become a juicy target for hackers.  […]

Coinbase Launches $5 Buy Widget for Developers and Bitcoin Newbies

San Francisco-based bitcoin platform Coinbase has launched a new Buy Widget that allows newcomers to digital currencies to purchase up to $5 worth of bitcoin using a debit card, without actually opening a full account. Only US-based customers are able to use the widget at this time with “limited KYC” checks. A fee of 3.75% […]