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Google Search Volume for Bitcoin Keywords Increased by as Much as 1000% During 2017

Following bitcoin’s incredible performance and increased media coverage during 2017, there is no doubt that bitcoin has witnessed increased user adoption. Estimates regarding the scale of bitcoin’s growth vary due to the anonymous nature of bitcoins transactions; however, the search engine traffic for terms such as ‘bitcoin’ are generally seen as a reliable indicator of […]

It’s Official: Bitcoin Was Bigger Than North Korea and the Eclipse This Year

For people who work, live, and trade bitcoin, it can be hard to get a true perspective on the digital currency’s popularity. It’s now been independently confirmed, however, that 2017 really was all about bitcoin. Google’s Year in Search has been published, and it ranks bitcoin as the second biggest news story of 2017, second […]

Bitpay Sprints Towards Processing $1B Bitcoin Payments Annually

The global bitcoin payment service provider, Bitpay, has released a progress report that details the company’s payment volume has grown exponentially this year by 328 percent. The Atlanta-based company founded in 2011 says it’s steadily approaching US$1B in bitcoin payments processed annually. Also read: Goldman Sachs Contemplates Creating a New Bitcoin Trading Operation Bitpay’s Payment Volume […]

Kraken Estimates Last Quarter’s Trading Volume 10x Previous High

Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell, has stated the cryptocurrency exchange’s volume during the second quarter of 2017 comprised 10x more trade than during the company’s preceding all time high. Despite this incredible spike in volume, Powell speculated that the cryptocurrency markets will likely see growth of 10x to 100x in coming years. Also Read: Class Action Lawsuit Filed […]

The Bitcoin Network’s Transaction Queue Breaks Another Record

Not only is the bitcoin price breaking records but the network transaction queue (mempool) has also hit an all-time high on May 5. Around 6 pm EST, the network had about 155,000 unconfirmed transactions with over 85 BTC worth of fees waiting to be settled. Related: Bitcoin Transaction Fees Are Up More Than 1200% in Past […]

Cybersecurity Takes Prominence alongside Blockchain Technology in 2017

The new year, 2017 started with a bang. Bitcoin price surpassed its previous high by increasing beyond the $1100 mark. The popular cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology and its applications in fintech and other sectors is expected to peak during the year as well. While Bitcoin and Blockchain continue to scale new heights, the Bitfinex hack, […]

Samsung Ready to Launch New Galaxy A Phones

The Korean giant will release three new phones with dust and water resistance. The phones, targeted to the less ‘well-off’ audience, are still equipped with many flagship-level features, such as 2GB+ RAM memory, and a premium bezel. The Korean company is hoping that these new devices will bring a new life to the brand, which has been […]

2017 is Expected to Be a Great Year for Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology has seen a lot of applications in the recent times. Banking and financial institutions are some of the major parties interested in the development and implementation of distributed ledger technology to their operations. Fintech is one of the hottest sectors at the moment. With a considerable number of fintech applications based […]

Bitcoin Breaks Past $900

For the first time in two years, more specifically since February of 2014, the price of cryptocurrency has surpassed a previous high of $800. The market capitalization is now sitting at $14 billion, and some users believe the uptrend will continue. The bear market that held back the Bitcoin price for approximately two years (from the start […]

Top 3 Interesting Gadgets Coming in 2017

From big, established brands to entrepreneurs and startups, the landscape of innovators wanting to release something new to the market has increased. Now we have more gadgets than ever before, all with the same intent: to captivate the consumer’s attention. Here we present a Top 3 interesting devices coming to you in 2017. The technological race […]

Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Will Reach $1000 in 2017

Bitcoin, the world’s favorite cryptocurrency has surged from $640 to $720 in the past one week. The digital currency has been exhibiting some promising trends this year, in spite of facing drastic setbacks following multiple hacking incidents. As Bitcoin price continues to rally upwards, the expectations for the digital currency’s performance in the coming year […]