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PR: Yocoin Celebrates Its Independence from Ethereum

Bitcoin Press Release: “June 25th marks the day of Yocoin’s independence from Ethereum.” YOCOIN had its Independence Day press conference on June 25th 2018, 10:00 (GMT+8). June 29th, 2018. Dubai, UAE. Founder and CEO of Yocoin S.Banerjee announced: “Yocoin has completed token migration from ERC20 to mainnet. The community consensus initiated the YOCOIN network and […]

Why India and China won’t lift their crypto bans

The highest court in India this week upheld the reserve bank’s decree prohibiting the country’s banks and other regulated lenders from dealing with or supporting any cryptocurrency-related services, including allowing customers to buy crypto with credi…

Crypto Q2 – The Bearish Boogaloo

The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies and assets currently stands at ~US$250 billion, unchanged since the beginning of the quarter. The total market cap peaked at the start of this year, at around US$800 billion, followed by a 3 month decline. …

Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis: Western Union “Reconsidering” XRP Viability

In general, there is a broad-based recovery in cryptocurrencies and that includes Ripple (XRP) coming at a time the company is dealing with three concurrent law suits. On the charts, prices are down three percent in the past day but still up 10 percent for the week. What we need for our XRP longs to… […]

EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Tron Technical Analysis: Chinese Billionaire Says Justin Sun of Tron A Scammer

Most coins under our focus have been on a slide for the better part of the year. It seems like it may continue at IOTA especially if sellers continue to push prices below $1 and 90 cents in the days to come. Like $110 and $90 is important for Litecoin, 90 cents which is a… […]

Estimated 4 Million Bitcoin is Lost Forever by Users’ Forgetfulness – Bitcoinist

BitcoinistEstimated 4 Million Bitcoin is Lost Forever by Users’ ForgetfulnessBitcoinistIn comments to The New York Times, Chainalysis said that user failures to create robust methods of password storage meant as much as $20 billion of Bitcoin is locked out of reach. The figure makes up the majority of lost cryptocurrency, it added, due …

Unlock a More Efficient and Liberal State With Blockchain: UK MP

Blockchain technology offers an unrivaled opportunity for the UK to redesign its data systems. The state should therefore focus on implementing blockchain technology to increase efficiency, save on costs, and rebuild societal trust. This is according to a report by Eddie Hughes, the Member of Parliament representing Walsall North in the UK. The comprehensive report […]

Europe’s Top Speed Trading Firm Flow Traders Joins the Crypto-Economy

This week one of Europe’s largest speed trading platforms and exchange-traded fund (ETFs) dealers, Flow Traders NV, announced the firm is entering the cryptocurrency space by offering bitcoin and ethereum exchange-traded notes (ETNs) to its clientele. Also read: Switzerland Considers Granting Crypto Businesses Access to Banking Services Speed Trading Platform Flow Traders Enters the Cryptocurrency Trading […]

Blockchain Could Transform Trade Finance and Customer Due Diligence: EU Report

Trade finance is a complex and tedious process that involves a large number of participants. With the risks involved being quite high, especially in international trade finance, banks have stepped in to mitigate them through various products such as letters of credit and bank guarantees. This industry is long overdue for a blockchain revolution, according […]