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“Litecoin and Stellar are Under Valued” NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 14, 2018

We saw the importance of Bitcoin in the course of this week. It is up 17 percent in the last 7 days and the effect on altcoins is profound. Leading this surge is EOS which is up 48% and likely to displace Litecoin in the top 5 spot. In my view, and this is important,… […]

A junior banker in Italy hijacked servers from his company to mine bitcoin — and thousands of others are doing … – Business Insider

Business InsiderA junior banker in Italy hijacked servers from his company to mine bitcoin — and thousands of others are doing …Business InsiderLONDON — Thousands of staff are stealing computing power from their employers in order to mine bitcoin, according to a top cybersecurity CEO. Nicole Eagan, the CEO of Darktrace, told attendees at the […]

Blockchain Payment Protocol Aims to End ‘Downsides’ of Online Payments

A crypto startup aims to attract customers away from using credit cards to pay for items both online and offline by introducing a Blockchain protocol that will make it easier to use cryptocurrencies instead. PumaPay says Bitcoin and many of its rivals have failed to become mainstream payment methods because they lack scalability and flexibility… […]

Bitcoin in Brief Saturday: Hide Your Seed – Bitcoin News (press release)

Bitcoin News (press release)Bitcoin in Brief Saturday: Hide Your SeedBitcoin News (press release)When it comes to concealing your wallet seed, it needs to be impossible for anyone else to find, but still easy enough for you to recall where you’ve stashed it. Trezor have dispensed a few practical tips on how to achieve this. They’ve […]

Consentium Raises Additional US$ 10 Million To Build First-Of-Its-Kind Fintech Chat App

Singapore, April 5, 2018 –  Consentium, Asia’s first multi-digital currency and group monetisation chat application, has announced today that it has raised a total of USD$20 million after the latest round of its private sale. This follows a previous raise of USD$10 million which was completed in March 2018. “Consentium is re-defining what a mobile […]

How Kidgy parental control app helps caregivers create a positive portfolio for their kids on the web

Parental controls help parents create a positive digital portfolio for their kids’ future success Do you want your kid to have excellent academic achievements? Things turn out that their digital presence on the Internet matters for the admission committee and potential recruiters. Moreover, it all starts with a sort of cyber hygiene which leads to […]

BitStarz player grabs a 19.995 BTC win on Greedy Goblin!

It’s common knowledge that BitStarz plays host to some of the biggest slot games around, but that’s certainly not all that’s helping this casino make huge waves. The big wins just keep falling, as the action is roaring at the world’s leading cryptocurrency casino. Taking the “Dream Big, Win Bigger” motto of BitStarz to heart, […]

Is this the ‘end of tax season’ crypto market rally?

As cryptocurrency markets mature are we seeing the seasonal effects associated with equity markets starting to seep in? This tax season could be quite revealing if the bounce in across the crypto markets mirrors that of the traditional rise in equities…

Is There No End to Blockchain’s Capabilities?

We hear about new uses for blockchains every single day. The technology is so darn versatile that it won’t be long before it’s making your morning coffee and looking after your kids. Or maybe that’s AI. Whatever. The point is that considering the possibilities of blockchain technology is like contemplating the enormity of the universe. […]

Yahoo Japan to Be 40% Stakeholder in Crypto Exchange

Yahoo Japan has announced plans to purchase a 40% minority stake in cryptocurrency exchange BitARG. The platform is headquartered in Tokyo, scheduled for launch later this year. BitARG has accepted the offer from Yahoo Japan’s subsidiary, stating, ”As a result of this capital participation, the Company will be able to utilize the service operation and security […]