Archive | April 2, 2018

Lavenir: A Visionary Crypto-Based Lending Platform

Lavenir is one of the latest projects set to hit the world of crypto soon. The platform is preparing to launch its monthlong ICO on April 4 and end on May 4, 2018. It seeks to introduce a revolution to the cryptocurrency universe by bringing about a new and innovative digital platform. As a part… […]

Bank of Japan’s Warning Has Little Effect Bitcoin Bounceback

Japan takes another side step with its relationship to cryptocurrency trading as the Central Bank releases a negative Q&A guide for those seeking information about the markets. BoJ Publishes Negative Q&A for the General Public The question and answer page translated from Japanese as “Let’s Think About Cryptocurrency” was released on a financial education site… […]

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 04/03/2018 – Just a Bearish Correction?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is sustaining its short-term rally since breaking past a descending trend line. However, this could merely be part of a bearish correction to the Fib levels on the 4-hour chart. Note that bitcoin price is still trading inside a descending cannel and is just approaching the correction area. Bitcoin… […]

Asia’s Bitcoin Arbitrage Boom is Over But Corporate Players Still Profit

In the immediate wake of China closing down its cryptocurrency exchanges last year an underground economy of Bitcoin Arbitrage was created. As the practice of ‘smuggling Bitcoin’ loses its huge margins corporate players take over the game. Rise of the Bitcoin Mule When Bitcoin surged in late 2017 and some of Asia’s largest markets began… […]

Mayweather ICO Founders Knocked Out by SEC for Fraud

The US Securities Exchange Commission’s new Cyber Unit task force has taken down boxing great Floyd Mayweather’s sponsor, Centra Tech, alleging their ICO was based on fraudulent products and made up biographies. SEC Charges Mayweather Sponsor with Fraud The SEC announced on Monday that it was charging the founders of Centra Tech with fraud based on… […]

Bitcoin in Brief: Blockchain Wars and a Sleuth of Bears

Welcome to Bitcoin in Brief, a new feature debuting today. Breaking stories, crypto drama, exchange updates, and other talking points from the fast-paced cryptocurrency world can all be found in this daily roundup. Bitcoin in Brief is for everyone who’s long on bitcoin but short on time. Also read: Chinese Engineer Arrested for Stealing 100 Bitcoin […]

Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is VeChain

FOMO Moments Markets have been pretty grim viewing over the past few days however they have started to show some signs of life during this morning’s Asian trading session. Bitcoin has remained above $7,000 and is inching towards $7,200, up 3% on the day. Ethereum is still getting crushed but most of the altcoins are… […]

Hacks, tax, and forks the biggest drivers of crypto in Q1

The first quarter of 2018 was marked with continued protocol layer innovations, with heavy declines in prices across the board. Emerging and recurrent themes included transaction fees, microtransactions, increased fiat on-ramps, and regulatory changes….

Decentralized Machine Learning

Decentralized Machine Learning Revolutionize the Use of Untapped Data with Privacy Protection Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) is developing a decentralized protocol with the aid of blockchain, machine learning and federated learning technology etc. to unleash the potential of privately owned data that are currently not being fully utilized for machine learning and to drive innovation […]