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Venezuela’s new bitcoin: an ingenious plan or worthless cryptocurrency? – The Guardian

The GuardianVenezuela’s new bitcoin: an ingenious plan or worthless cryptocurrency?The Guardian“The future is now,” President Nicolás Maduro said in a recent speech promoting the digital currency. “Venezuela is moving forward as en economic powerhouse.” Photograph: Miraflores Press Handout/EPA. Is Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency an ingenious plan …and more »

Phone Numbers Becoming Backdoor to Crypto Accounts

Hackers have discovered that the easiest and most direct way to steal cryptocurrency is to first steal phone numbers. Hijacked phone numbers are used to drain crypto accounts A growing number of online crimes begin with hackers persuading cellular phone companies to transfer a victim’s number to a device of their own. In many cases this […]

This Week in Bitcoin: Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop – Bitcoin News (press release)

Bitcoin News (press release)This Week in Bitcoin: Hip Hop and You Don’t StopBitcoin News (press release)If there’s one thing the 65% market dip has been good for, it’s helping bitcoin whales get richer still. You speculate, they accumulate, and the gap between the rich and the poor widens. Ridiculous wealth has its downsides though, like […]

Ripple Price Technical Analysis – Can XRP/USD Hold $1.00?

Key Highlights Ripple price after an upside move faced a strong resistance at $1.1500 against the US dollar. There was a break below a connecting bullish trend line with support at $1.0800 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from SimpleFx). The pair is currently holding the $1.00 support, but it is […]

This Week in Bitcoin: Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop

For the first time in forever – okay, a month – bitcoin is looking bullish again. Not wreck-a-china-shop bullish, but enough for us to focus on things other than price action. Things like hip-hoppers whose love affair with bitcoin is blossoming. And cult-like altcoin fanatics whose taste for the Kool-Aid is strengthening. Like a glutinous […]

Protect Yourself And Your Cryptocurrency From Real Criminals

Security experts advise on how to keep yourself and your digital coin safe from  thieves that focus on the crypto-wealthy. Criminals targeting cryptocurrency investors Cases of thieves targeting those who have gotten wealthy from the boom in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies are on the rise worldwide. From Phuket, Thailand, to Manhattan to the Ukraine, […]

Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Polymath

FOMO Moments A Sunday pull-back is becoming almost regularity in the crypto markets and a red Monday morning is the result.  Bitcoin made it to a weekly high of $11,300 before cooling off a little and retreating back to $10,600 where it currently trades. The correction has taken all of the altcoins with it and […]

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 02/19/2018 – Aiming for Extension Levels?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still trending higher after breaking above a few key resistance levels. Bulls are gaining traction and allowing price to move above an ascending trend line on the 1-hour time frame. Price appears to have completed its pullback from the recent rally and could head up to the extension […]

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis – BCH/USD Breaks Short-term Support

Key Points Bitcoin cash price after a nice upside move found sellers near the $1,600 level against the US Dollar. There was a break below a short-term bullish trend line with support at $1,520 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from SimpleFX). The pair is currently holding the $1,400 support, but it may […]

The Real Problem With Nocoiners – Coindesk

CoindeskThe Real Problem With NocoinersCoindeskMarco Santori, a lawyer who’s represented bitcoin startups since the early days and now the president and chief legal officer of wallet provider Blockchain, recently tweeted his distaste for the word “nocoiner,” writing that “it has a bitter us-vs-them …

Bitcoin, ‘dark web’ help illicit goods trade online – Toledo Blade

Toledo BladeBitcoin, ‘dark web’ help illicit goods trade onlineToledo BladeWith Bitcoin and “dark web” software, the 21st century’s illicit marketplace is nearly limitless. Online offerings include drugs, weapons, and as illustrated locally, fraudulent identification cards. It’s the means federal officials said Mark Simon, 34 …

Two Brothers Disrupt the Counterfeit Economy with Blockchain Start-up Seal Network

February 25th 2018, marks the pre-ICO launch of blockchain powered product authentication and services platform Seal. This Amsterdam start-up enables anyone to verify if a product is genuine or fake. Bart & Joris (founders) share: “We come from a family of creators. Our mother frequently saw her products get imitated, so we know first hand how devastating the impact […]

Start Managing the Reputation Early

Reputation is the cornerstone of power. With its help you can rise, stand out in a crowd, win, and you can lose everything as well. It is only the shadows that fall on the reputation – as soon as the brand, product, specialist or common man is subjected to condemnation, attack and lose his position. […]