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Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, IOT and Lumens

It is likely that most altcoins will complete a 3-bar bull reversal pattern known as a morning star right at key support levels in the weekly chart. LTC, Lumens and EOS/USD will lead the charge and offer wonderful buy opportunities next week. My advice is for buyers to wait for meaningful entries next week and […]

Bitcoin May Have Found A Bottom – Forbes

ForbesBitcoin May Have Found A BottomForbesat least for now Bitcoin appears to have steadied itself · Bitcoin was in a fairly well defined downward sloping channel until a few days ago. Bitcoin hit a high of just under $20,000 in mid-December af…

7 speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand

  Cryptocurrency investments, blockchain trends and industry development vectors will be discussed at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand   On March 6, Bangkok will host a large-scale international conference on blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand. The event will be held at the five-star hotel Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit. Leading experts […]

Wild Crypto Launches Following Successful Token Sale

February 16th, 2018 – Wild Crypto (SYMBOL: WILD), the revolutionary international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology, has gone live following last year’s successful token sale. The platform is the first of the major new cryptocurrency gaming projects to launch, and does so just four months after it raised 10,592 in Ether during […]

Harrisburg University Backed THOUGHT ICO Launches Whitelist

Thought, a blockchain start-up based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, knows the importance of a great team. They have put together a skillful development team, and an accomplished board of advisors. And they are certainly not trying to hide themselves. Thought is fundamentally changing the way data is being processed by embedding every piece of data with […]

Consortium for Identity Assurance in Digital Trade Launched by Blockchain Leaders

London, 16 February 2018: Mattereum and InsurePal have announced the Identity Insurance Consortium (IIC) to drive insurance-based identity solutions to underpin the security of commerce on the blockchain. The IIC represents the infrastructure network of services covering critical aspects needed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain commerce. New members are invited to join the consortium […]

Could the Small Industrial Towns of Canada Provide the Ideal Home for Crypto Miners?

Cryptocurrency mining is more competitive than ever. With enormous rig constructions consuming more energy than many of the nations of the world dominating the once cottage industry, cutting every possible cost is vital. For this reason, miners like cool climates where electricity is cheap. Endless rows of components brute forcing numerical combinations to release cryptocurrency […]

Don’t Understand Bitcoin? Think Of It As A Digital Goat, Says Ellen Degeneres – Cointelegraph (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News)

Cointelegraph (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News)Don’t Understand Bitcoin? Think Of It As A Digital Goat, Says Ellen DegeneresCointelegraph (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News)While her comparison of Bitcoin’s digital nature as similar to that of a picture of a cute goat that only exists online doesn’t fully transmit a solid understanding of cryptocurrency, Degeneres does correctly […]

What Could Lift Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, And Litecoin Prices Back Towards New Highs – Forbes

ForbesWhat Could Lift Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, And Litecoin Prices Back Towards New HighsForbesAfter being in a deep correction for a few weeks, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin have been coming back nicely over the last week, gaining 19.87%, 10.48%, 30.57%, and 53.90% respectively—see table 1. Table 1. 7-Day Price Change For Major …Pullback on Hand? […]

Patent Stockpiling: Bank of America Holds 45 Crypto-Related Patents

A patent grants its holder exclusive rights to an invention, such as a piece of technology, for a certain period of time. While designed as a means of protecting the intellectual property of inventors, the system is not without its critics who believe that patenting deters innovation and wastes resources. Consider crypto founding fathers like […]

FCC: Bitcoin Miner Interfered with T-Mobile’s LTE Network in Brooklyn

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken action against a Brooklyn resident who was using a Bitcoin miner because the machine was interfering with T-Mobile’s 700 MHz LTE network in the city. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel commented on the incident in a Tweet: Okay, this @FCC letter has it all: #bitcoin mining, computing power needed […]