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FLUX: Restructure the Gaming Ecosystem with Blockchain Technology

Much has been said about ICOs during the course of 2017. Are ICOs key to a successful startup journey? Yes, ICOs are now a huge part of the fundraising landscape, with a similar impact as Venture capital funding. While some beg to differ about the future of the crowdfunding phenomena, one can’t deny the impact […]

Litecoin lifts from long slumber

The start of this year has been nothing short of epic for cryptocurrencies with the majority of them surging for the first couple of days of January. One favorite from last year however remained asleep and even fell a little while the rest were on fire. Litecoin has finally awoken during the Asian trading session […]


It’s time to buy LTC and trade that bull break. Buy pressure is strong enough and now prices are trending above $275. In the mean time, the same bull pressure is visible with NEM reversing from the middle BB with a strong bull candlestick reversing from the middle BB. I also expect DASH, Monero and […]

JACK GUTTENTAG: Will the Bitcoin bubble be validated? – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sarasota Herald-TribuneJACK GUTTENTAG: Will the Bitcoin bubble be validated?Sarasota Herald-TribuneThe major potential advantage of bitcoin over some existing currencies is its credibility. Bitcoin is transparent to everyone but controllable by no one. This gives it an enormous appeal in countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, where the local …Bitcoin’s Future: While RBI Cautions, Bitcoin Wallet Operators […]

Shapeshift Throws Its Support Behind the Bits Standard for Measuring Bitcoin

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song is on a mission to redefine the default standard for measuring bitcoin. If Song has his way, BTC will be recorded in “bits” by default, with each bit corresponding to one thousandth of a bitcoin. His Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for bits was submitted in December and this week, the plan came […]

US company plans funds that double bitcoin price moves – Reuters

ReutersUS company plans funds that double bitcoin price movesReutersBitcoin is one of the wildest trades in the market today, delivering sharp gains and losses that defy explanation. Trading has been expensive and difficult, with brokerages offering li…

Episode 816: Bitcoin Losers – NPR

NPREpisode 816: Bitcoin LosersNPRPlenty of people will tell you they’re getting rich off of Bitcoin. They could be right. But there’s another group of Bitcoin owners that aren’t so ecstatic. Because they might be rich, too, but they lost the passkey that would let them get at their …

How Likely Is It That Bitcoin Will Hit $500k In Three Years? – Forbes

ForbesHow Likely Is It That Bitcoin Will Hit $500k In Three Years?ForbesWe’d then need to estimate volatility and expected return of bitcoin. Expected return is harder to estimate — we can use the historical return, but that’s a pretty biased estimate. For example, if you pick a stock that performed the best out of the […]