Archive | November 17, 2017

Zangll, Bringing the Blockchain to Vacation Rentals

Currently, the global rental market is estimated at 500 billion dollars with a 10% growth rate annually. Airbnb has about 6% of that current market with a market cap of 30 billion and revenues of 4 billion a year.  Airbnb represents a startup that’s looking to capitalize on the market of trust between renters and […]

UBS CIO: We Aren’t Getting Involved With Bitcoin – CoinDesk

CoinDeskUBS CIO: We Aren’t Getting Involved With BitcoinCoinDeskFinancial services giant UBS has no plans to get involved with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, according to one of its senior executives. In an interview with Bloomberg, UBS chief investment officer Mark Haefele said that a lack of government …

Segwit Integration is Set to Increase with Bitfinex Next on the List

Segwit wallet integration has been bumped to the top of Bitfinex’s to-do list, with an exchange staffer declaring that the job should be completed next week. Despite the scaling technology having been available since August, a number of exchanges have dithered. Now, there are signs that progress is being made in activating BIP141. Also read: Initial […]

Why Bitcoin Is Super Hot in Zimbabwe –

Inc.comWhy Bitcoin Is Super Hot in ZimbabweInc.comAs the political turmoil in Zimbabwe has increased, so has the price of bitcoin. This week, at the same time military leaders were placing longtime president Robert Mugabe under house arrest, rising demand pushed the cost of one bitcoin in the African …Is This The One Caveat That Could […]